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Styles change. Trends come and go.

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But healthy relationships between followers of Christ last and we do everything we can to help people connect with each other at Thrive. Grafton — am. Grand Forks, ND All rights Reserved.


Standard Site. How Did Thrive Begin? The Building: Thrive was built on the premise that the church is not about the building.

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Stained glass is not our thing. God has blessed us with our own building that was once a large furniture store.

How to Find a Life-giving Church... You Can Thrive in

You can find us every Sunday morning at South Washington St. The Relationships: Relationships are extremely important to us. Thrive started with just a couple families being involved, and they are what matter most to us. The problem goes beyond churches in the middle of the Bible Belt in Alabama. However, even when these types of frauds are reported, there are pressures to keep them private.

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John's Church discovered the theft and showed their findings to the Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport but nothing happened. While Fay would go on to be sentenced to 37 months in prison, the duo that reported the fraud quit their jobs at the church under pressure from diocese officials for alerting outsiders to the problems.

Johnson, PhD, said "there is a lack of research on fraud within the church," but that is something he has been trying to change. Johnson teamed with David B. Barrett to write a book World Christian Trends , which represented a statistical view of the Christian churches of the world. Seminaries like Gordon Conwell have incorporated ethics training into their curriculum as a common sense approach to combat fraud in the church. Back in Alabama, Alton Sizemore, who is now a forensic accountant after a 25 year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was asked to participate in a presentation for church leadership in the Shelby County area.

Regarding the church leadership at the conference, Sizemore put it this way: "These churches trust that fraud won't happen to them and when it does, they tend to forgive and just move on.