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Gleaning Ruth: A Biblical Heroine and Her Afterlives

Ruth took some out and gave her what was left over after eating her fill. Where did you work?

Gleanings from Ruth: Moving Forward

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But giving someone a handout deprives them of the value and dignity that can be gained from working and earning an income. God could have commanded landowners to simply collect the crops and give them to the poor; instead, he protected the dignity of the poor by requiring them to contribute their own labor. How can you apply the gleaning principle?

Is there work you may be able to offer someone? Post a comment below! Topics include: prayer, self-reflection, character formation, stewardship, gratitude, rest, obedience, vocation, trust and more.

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Learn More. Its better to teach the poor how to catch fish than giving them fish. The principles of gleaning in the bible is so that they can work and provide for themselves.

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God hates laziness. The poor should also not be lazy expecting handouts always. Am blessed by the write up. The threads of our national narrative as refracted through the story of Ruth are also masterfully retold in Dr.

Gleanings from Ruth: Moving Forward ~ Grace-filled with Cardelia

An internal debate emerged in the United States as to whether Ruth was the model for a more open Jewish community, or, as many in the Orthodox community insisted, she was the model for the level of commitment needed to maintain our boundaries. Conversion is a curious ritual.

Primarily, conversion seems to focus on the individual and God. And Dr. Much of the politics about conversion, whether in the United States or in Israel, has surrounded the role of Beit Din within the conversion process. Many have bristled at the onerous requirements and conditions a rabbinical court imposes on a process whose focus should ostensibly be on the intimate relationship between the convert and God. Yet Rabbi Shaul Yisraeli suggests that the role of Beit Din in matters of conversation is actually unique, serving a different function than a Beit Din in most situations.

In matters of conversion, he argues, the role of the Beit Din is not to discern sincerity or oversee the ritualistic details, but to represent the Jewish people. And the act of conversion, explains Rabbi Yisraeli, is the ritualized act of joining the Jewish people. Gleanings: Reflections on Ruth is a reminder of this principle, recasting the individually heroic story of Ruth into the everlasting narrative of national peoplehood.