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Paramedic Shanelle teams up with her old instructor Shaq to help Paramedic Specialist Martin with a challenging Husband-and-wife team Anthony and Sabrina learn to trust their instincts in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. James and Kin triage patients after a truck hits a transit bus. Carol-Lyn and Sean help a man who experiences an Anthony and Sabrina help a patient with a strange allergic reaction, while Downtown Eastside crew Courtney and Peter Carol-Lyn and Sean must deal with a parent's worst fear, while calls for paramedics Nick and Dave, and as well Chris Paramedic Specialists describe their relatively new and very necessary role in the health care world.

In the heart of the city, paramedics gather at a special street corner dedicated to paramedic Bob Hurly. As health care professionals frequently working in crisis situations, staying sharp is a necessity. It might not fix your broken arm, but these paramedics swear by bubble tea to at least fix a challenging day.

Rob and Kelly believe one of the most important parts of being a paramedic is having a sense of humour. James and Kin make a successful team by their desire to help those in need- and by adding a splash of humour. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Paramedics: Life on the Line. Watch a preview of Paramedics: Life on the Line. E1 Light It Up.

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E2 Rollercoaster. E3 What Stays with You. E4 Connections. E5 Lost in Life. E6 Like a Friend. E7 Instincts.

Life On the Line

E8 Sixteen Lifesavers. E9 Night Shift. E10 No Occupation for Old Men. Paramedic Specialist. Code 3: Lights and Sirens. One of the more challenging parts of the job is driving with the lights and sirens. Bad Drivers.

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PSA: Please pull over when you see lights and sirens. Coffee Time. Coffee: the life blood of the paramedic. First responders describe the frustrations of taking non-emergency calls. What is an Emergency?

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Paramedics describe what constitutes an emergency. The Full Moon. When a full moon comes out, so do the weird calls. Medical Jargon.

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  • Narcan and the Opioid Crisis. Narcan proves to be a double-edged sword when it comes to the Opioid Crisis. Little Yellow Doo-Hicky. Air-quality detectors worn by paramedics detect a bit more than car exhaust. Cell Phone Heroes. Not the hero every situation needs.

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    Stolen Ambulance. Never forget your keys in the vehicle. Now, while the family lives in a dilapidated public housing compound at a dangerous border crossing, Kimberly must cross the border daily on foot to go to school in the U. Meanwhile, her father, Rick, finds himself unemployed, stricken with Hepatitis C, and in dire need of a liver transplant. Vanessa travels to Juarez to obtain the visa that will allow her to live in the U. Told through the eyes of adolescent Kimberly over the year in which her family is forced to straddle two countries, Life on the Line offers an intimate story from a quintessentially American place, illuminating the changing face of America and the impact of our immigration policies through the story of one girl and her family.

    As an antidote to the commonly xenophobic and dehumanizing public attitudes and policies surrounding illegal immigration, this film offers a heartfelt and humanizing portrait of a one of the most pressing issues of our time. This short film provides rich analytical fodder for teachers of Anthropology, Sociology, and Women's Studies classes to explore transnational families, hybrid consciousness, the quest for belonging, and the frequent dramaturgies of citizenship marked by rupture, liminality, heartbreak and hope.

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