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He will equip me for each new day. Brazilians are such a joyful people and have a warm and open heart for God. Yet with time I began to understand more about the difficult history of Brazil…. Here in Switzerland, our founder Mother Basilea received the inspiration to honour the Creator with praise plaques placed at scenic spots.

Old Testament Canaan:

It is wonderful to have a part in this ministry and to get to know my own country better and from its best side. It is a privilege to serve in such a poor country that has had a troubled history. And yet it is a nation of the future, with a high percentage of young people and many opportunities to share the love of God. Over the years it has been challenging to have Bible discussions with young people who come and take part in our one-year volunteer programme.

Some are from dysfunctional families…. When God called me to Switzerland, my love for Him as the Creator was still small. But here, in the midst of His glorious creation with mountains, forests and lakes, it has become a real joy to worship and praise Him as the Author of all.


What a wonderful calling! America is a land of diverse cultures and languages. Here in Phoenix we have been happy to see people from so many different walks of life come to seek the Lord Jesus in our beautiful Prayer Garden. The warm-hearted helpfulness of many Americans has made it possible to take advantage of these opportunities.

My prayer for my country is for freedom in Jesus for those in bondage, good news for the weak, and healing for the broken-hearted. Isaiah Uhrzeit von bis.

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  • What is Canaan Land ?!

New Canaan Centres. Sister Uriela, American, serving in Australia: When I first knew that I would be coming to Australia, it seemed like going to the end of the world!

Breed Characteristics:

Sister Angelina from Sweden, serving in Norway: Our ministry here includes all the Scandinavian countries and northern islands. Sister Regine from Denmark, serving in Norway: In each new situation, in our encounters with other people as well as in our community life as Sisters, the certainty that God my Father has planned everything in advance is a comfort.

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Into all the world Canaan Centres in various parts of the world

So whatever your needs contact us and we try our best to help and resource you. This is your place to find out what going on in the community. Take a faith-boosting journey with Gram Seed as he goes from a life of crime and addiction to helping others find new life in God's kingdom. Gram was written off by family, neighbours, teachers and the police as a lost cause.

Your confidence in God's ability to change lives will increase as Gram tells of his miraculous recovery from a six-day coma and how, with the strength of his newfound faith, he now helps other young offenders find God's amazing love and forgiveness. This year we are celebrating our 40th year, with special events and loads of special offers in store, whilst stocks last.