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Every month we host ongoing workshops with psychics, mediums and healers from all over to share their wealth of experience. If this intrigues you then check out our services and our schedule in the menu above or join our email list and become a part of our fast growing community. At Synchronicity, our belief is that spirituality is the common thread that ties all beings. Sometimes this is found in various religious cultures, in nature, or simply in the luminous light of the human spirit.

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We embrace all forms of spirituality and strive to enhance the connection between people, and their search for personal and spiritual growth. Jung believed in astrology , spiritualism , telepathy , telekinesis , clairvoyance and ESP. What reasons are there for accepting synchronicity as an explanation for anything in the real world? What it explains is more simply and elegantly explained by the ability of the human mind to find meaning and significance where there is none apophenia. Jung's defense of acausal connections is so inane I hesitate to repeat it.

He argues that "acausal phenomena must exist He asserts that " Finally, he claims that "the premise of probability simultaneously postulates the existence of the improbable" ibid.

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However, if you think of all the pairs of things that can happen in a person's lifetime, and add to that our very versatile ability of finding meaningful connections between things, it then seems likely that most of us will experience many meaningful coincidences. The coincidences are predictable but we are the ones who give them meaning. Even if there were a synchronicity between the mind and the world such that certain coincidences resonate with transcendental truth, there would still be the problem of figuring out those truths.

What guide could one possibly use to determine the correctness of an interpretation? Carl Jung defined synchronicity as "The coincidence in time of two or more causally unrelated events which have the same meaning. These synchronicities therefore must transcend the normal laws of science, for they are the expressions of much deeper movements that originate in the ground of the universe and involve, in an inseparable way, both matter and meaning.


Arnold Mindel gives the example of a psychotic patient who declared that he was Jesus, the creator and destroyer of light. At that very moment the lighting fixture dropped from the ceiling, knocking the man out. The true story of synchronicity begins with the collaboration of two remarkable thinkers, the psychologist Carl Jung and the physicist Wolfgang Pauli.

Their concept of synchronicity originated in a marriage between the approaches of physics and psychology. Jung writes, "In writing this paper I have, so to speak, made good a promise which for many years I lacked the courage to fulfill. The difficulties of the problem and its representation seemed to me too great If I have now conquered my hesitation and at last come to grips with the theme it is chiefly because my experiences of the phenomenon of synchronicity have multiplied themselves over the decades".

Pauli writes, "There must be something else. I think I know what is coming.

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I know it exactly. But I don't tell it to others. They may think I am mad. So I am doing five dimensional theory of relativity although I don't really believe in it. But I know what is coming. Perhaps I will tell you some time. Despite our appeal to a "scientific view of nature," such events do occur, and while it is true that anyone of them can be dismissed as "coincidence" such an explanation makes little sense to the person who has experienced such a synchronicity. Indeed the whole point of such happenings is that they are meaningful and play a significant role in a person's life.

Synchronicities are the jokers in nature's pack of cards for they refuse to play by the rules and offer a hint that, in our quest for certainty about the universe, we may have ignored some vital clues.

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Synchronicities challenge us to build a bridge with one foundation derived into the objectivity of hard science and the other into the subjectivity of personal values. Synchronicities take the form of patterns that emerge by chance out of a general background of chance and contingency and hold a deep meaning for the person who experiences them. Often these coincidences occur at critical points in a person's life and can be interpreted as containing the seeds of future growth.

Is synchronicity real?

Synchronicities could, therefore, be said to involve the meaningful unfoldment of potential. Synchronicities are therefore often associated with periods of transformation; for example, births, deaths, falling in love, psychotherapy, intense creative work, and even a change of profession. It is as if this internal restructuring produces external resonance's or as if a burst of "mental energy" is propagated outward into the physical world.

Such synchronicities begin within the outer world and then move inward as their meaning is revealed. Such synchronicities depend on detecting a deeper meaning to the patterns and clusterings of the phenomena around us. They may involve our becoming linked with the environment in a special way, anticipating events or sensing some underlying pattern to the world.

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While the conventional laws of physics do not heed human desires or the need for meaning--apples fall whether we will them to or not--synchronicities act as mirrors to the inner processes of mind and take the form of outer manifestations of interior transformations. The many examples of coincidental movements of thought, feeling, and ideas between unconnected groups and across disciplines suggests that a deeper meaning lies beyond these coincidents and synchronicities.

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  • Such curious events may not be so much the result of a "psychic link" or mental communication but rather indicate that a mutual process is unfolding out of the same ground and that this ground must therefore lie beyond the individual consciousness that is located in space and time. It is as if the formation of patterns within the unconscious mind is accompanied by physical patterns in the outer world. Synronicity is therefore the expression of the potential or meaning contained within a certain point of existence.

    Synchronicity: The Meaning and Quantum Origins of Seven Types of Synchronicities

    It acts as an intimation of the meaning that lies hidden within a particular life, relationship, or historical moment. The special flavor of a synchronicity lies in its being, at one and the same time, a unique, individual event and the manifestation of universal order.