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I think this is so true even in situations where the messages being delivered are the same, there is always a better way of delivering or an added part of the story that gets built as the repetitions occur. So, we should not miss the opportunities to teach others, even when it feels like rote and redundant. It is the same with how we repeat and recite those things that are a part of our work. Every time we teach, we learn again. Here is to a day of learning. Your email address will not be published. The WordPress core development team builds WordPress!

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The WordPress Importer is key to a tonne of different workflows, and is one of the most used plugins on the repo. Unfortunately, the Importer is also a bit unloved.

Redux: You’re Not Half as Ugly as the Other People Here

After getting immensely frustrated at the Importer, I figured it was probably time we throw some attention at it. The plan is to eventually replace the existing Importer with this new version. The key to these Importer improvements is rewriting the core processing, taking experience with the current Importer and building to fix those specific problems.

This means fixing and improving a whole raft of problems:. One problem with the Importer stands out immediately: resource usage. Importing any large file takes time which is somewhat understandable and a lot of memory.

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Some of my initial benchmarks indicate roughly the memory used usually has a lower limit of 3x the size of the file being imported. In addition, the importer is split into disparate stages: parse, import, and post-process. Importing in stages is not usually a problem, but it requires a lot of memory, as the entire file needs to be loaded into memory, potentially multiple times. The huge use of memory requires workarounds; the most common of these is splitting a WXR file into multiple files. The problems with the Importer mirror other well-known problems with parsing XML.

Thankfully, this is a solved problem. The key is moving from a push parser — which takes a file and returns some data — to a pull streaming parser — which takes a file, and gives you a cursor to move through the file.

Why use a push parser to start with? Having the full picture of the data makes it easier to work with, and typically it means you can do cross-referencing quite easily e. The ease of use of the parser is only a concern for the plugin maintainers, and the hybrid approach allows us to use the pull parser in a much easier way. As we move through the file, we import each item as we get to it, then forget about it and move on.

React Context API vs Redux — the eternal dichotomy

This means we only ever need the current item post, term, etc in memory at one time, so memory usage is massively reduced. Checking if posts have been imported already is very slow. It also completely ignores the GUID field, which is designed for being a deduplication field in the first place.

The importer also currently holds a lot of state in memory.

Best wise words redux images in | Wise words, Words, Calligraphy art

Any posts that need the parent changed, users updated, or URL search-and-replace are stored in memory with maps of the data. Right now, media importing has a few problems. In the past, the GUID has been used by both WordPress core and plugins for the attachment URL, but this is now regarded as bad practice, and is avoided wherever possible.

Aesthetic words 😎Attitude😎

Removing the GUID change means we can easily check if an attachment has been imported already. The downside is that plugins still using the GUID may break; this needs to be fixed in the plugins in question, as the GUID is already an unreliable reference to the image.