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Beatrice is an award winning social media and content strategist in the B2B tech sector. Beatrice is the Global Content Manager for Social Media, Events and Blogging at Sage, providing social content and inbound content strategy for Sage in over 20 markets globally. Beatrice is also a public speaker and social media trainer.

Literature Ireland known as Ireland Literature Exchange until promotes Irish writers and writing internationally.

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It does this through its translation grant, translator development, literature events and is funded by Culture Ireland and the Arts Council. Established in , Literature Ireland has funded the translation of over works of Irish literature into 56 languages around the world. VistaTalks is a leading industry podcast from Vistatec. VistaTalks focuses on interesting discussions with interesting people from around the world.


VistaTalks has a growing list of guests and topics. Please check our VistaTalks page regularly to see all the latest podcasts and to see all of the new episodes coming up in the near future. If you are interested in being a guest on the VistaTalks podcast or have a topic that you would like to see covered on the podcast please get in touch.

She also has previous experience in communications and journalism, where she worked for a variety of multimedia organizations, such as RTL, Local France and The Press Association.

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She is fluent in French and English and also speaks Spanish. He joined Vistatec from Sage Plc where he held the position of Country Manager, which included responsibility for the global SaaS group initiative. Unn Villius — Ep. Sheila Castilho — Ep. Michael Cronin — Ep.

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Ireland is a particularly interesting place to conduct this research given the high levels of unemployment, emigration, and crime experienced here during the economic crisis. A general sense of disenchantment and malaise is also part of the current zeitgeist, anchored in a broader crisis of faith, identity, and community. The myth of austerity has, we believe, created new cultural formations wherein notions of the good life, value, and well-being have accrued a revalorized potency. While the project of sustainability if it is to be implemented can only ever be an interdisciplinary one, working as part of a multidisciplinary project has forced me to further understand the important role that anthropology can play in the development of sustainability science.

Given notions of materialism, belief, perception, and values are at the core of the sustainability vision, then anthropology as a discipline is particularly well placed to explore the challenges encountered by the sustainability movement. Further, an applied anthropology can be central to the implementation of many of these ideas.

Charles Redman states it as follows:.

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This is a sustainability message too. We need to look at it from all different directions and the impacts. Anthropology is a natural for that. In sustainability, what we have to get across is that there are not only multiple lines of information that we need to incorporate, but there are multiple ways of knowing the same information.

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Charles Redman, Anthropology is producing a large body of work on sustainability and engaging with it in interesting dynamic ways. The presentations gathered into a forthcoming volume entitled Envisioning Sustainabilities in Times of Disaster Cambridge Scholars Press, forthcoming highlight the diversity and impact of anthropological research on sustainability.

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Anthropologists are working in radically different geographical settings with topics such as community gardens, disaster management in New Orleans, economic crisis in Bulgaria, on community bread-making projects, urban sustainability in Belfast and New York, and in interdisciplinary projects examining topics such as sustainable architecture and urban planning in the UK, and in Bangladesh on water and sanitization projects. Both the depth and breadth of these projects are indicative of a burgeoning and insightful anthropology of sustainability.

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