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And in the shadows, a woman, Louise of Savoy, is already secretly watching over the formidable destiny of her son, whom a mysterious hermit promised her royalty: the advent of Francis I is near! Subscribe to the newsletter. La Loire.

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Art de vivre. Informations pratiques. Two Poems Sharon Hilberer.

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  • The future can be foreseen, at least enough to alert us to much we really do need to know..
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Three Poems Marnie Heenan. Three Poems Jake Sheff. Two Poems John Grey.

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Dear Reed Canyon Sage Cohen. Two Poems Judith Arcana. Three Poems Jan Chronister. Three Poems Willa Schneberg.

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    Three Poems John E. May Everything Flower Liliana Torpey. Three Poems By Carolyn Martin. As a child he spontaneously had numerous paranormal experiences, mostly of the OBE type, the future study of which became a major passion as he matured.

    The Age of Prophecy – Unlock Your Past, Unleash Your Future!

    In , he began acting as a parapsychology test subject in tightly controlled laboratory settings with numerous scientific researchers. His involvement in government research projects required the discovery of innovative approaches toward the actual realizing of subtle human energies. He viewed PSI powers as only parts of the larger spectrum of human sensing systems. About Premonitions. The future can be foreseen, at least enough to alert us to much we really do need to know. To this end is now extended an open invitation to anyone who experiences dreams, premonitions, visions about future events to post them using the Premonitions page.

    A Central Prophecy Registry.