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Kentigern and told him everything. The saint went to the Clyde, caught a salmon with the ring in its mouth, and gave it to the queen, who thus saved her character and her husband. This legend is told about the Glasgow arms. The tale is that a knight, hearing the cries of a woman in labor, knew that the infant was destined to become his wife. He tried to elude his destiny, and, when the infant had grown to womanhood, threw a ring into the sea, commanding the damsel never to see his face again till she could produce the ring which he had cast away. In a few days a cod-fish was caught, and the ring was found in its mouth.

The young woman producing the ring, the marriage was duly solemnized. Scott, The Abbot time, Elizabeth. Fishers The. Grandpa is a retired sea-captain with a talent for tedious stories and a temper that is occasionally frayed. He starts and looks guilty.

Don Juan fancied he saw in the night the apparition of a monk, which produced such an effect on his looks and behavior as to excite attention. She was, however, discovered by Don Juan, who was resolved to penetrate the mystery. With this discovery the sixteenth and last book of Don Juan ends. Scott, Ivanhoe time, Richard I. The five kings of France sit in their curule chairs with their flesh-colored breeches and regal mantles. Fladdock General , a friend of the Norris family in America, and, like them, devoted to titles, and aristocracy.

The sword was made by Weyland, the Scandinavian Vulcan. Flamborough Solomon , farmer. A talkative neighbor of Dr. Primrose, vicar of Wakefield. Moses Primrose marries one of his daughters. The Misses Flamborough , daughters of the farmer. Their homeliness contrasts well with the flashy pretenders to fashion introduced by Squire Thornhill. Flame Lord , Johnson the jester and dramatist, author of Hurlo-Thrumbo, an extravaganza Flammer The Hon. Frisk , a Cantab, nephew to Lord Totterly.

He is a young gentleman with a vivid imagination, small income, and large debts. Selby, The Unfinished Gentleman. Flanders Moll , a woman of extraordinary beauty, born in Old Bailey. She was twelve years a harlot, five years a wife, twelve years a thief, and eight years a convict in Virginia; but ultimately she became rich, lived honestly, and died a penitent in the reign of Charles II.

Garrick, Miss in Her Teens Flecknoe Richard , poet-laureate to Charles II. Dryden says of him:. The offence was that Dryden was removed from the post of laureate, and Shadwell appointed in his place. Her simple faith and unaffected piety lead Mr. Carleton, a skeptical Englishman, into the right path.

After many years and vicissitudes the two meet again in New York and are married in England. He is soundly thrashed by Alfred Lammle, and quietly pockets the affront. Dickens, Our Mutual Friend Ireby, the country squire. Rudd, a smuggler, thief, milliner, matchmaker and procuress.

Foote, The Cozeners. Godwin Lovely girl, who goes off with Edward Blancove , believing herself married to him. Discovering the deception, she returns to the farm, and resumes her old life. When the penitent lover seeks her and would marry her, she refuses. Devoted sister who seeks Dahlia until she is found, and cherishes her tenderly through life. Rhoda marries a farmer, and Dahlia lives for seven years as her housemate.

George Meredith, Rhoda Fleming Scott, Castle Dangerous time, Henry I. Fleming Rose , niece of Mrs. Rose marries her cousin Harry Maylie. She was past Cast in so slight and exquisite a mould, so mild and gentle, so pure and beautiful, that earth seemed not her element, nor its rough creatures her fit companions. The very intelligence that shone in her deep blue eye Dickens, Oliver Twist , xxix. Flemish School The , a school of painting commencing in the fifteenth century, with the brothers Van Eyck.

Among the storied ruins of the Old World, he wins his bride by weaving to her stories from his own imagination Buchanan] who first gave them this appellation in the Contemporary Review. Fletcher Dick , one of the crew of a pirate vessel. Fletcher Philip , fine gentleman, suitor of Christie, in Louisa M. Fleurant , an apothecary. Vous verrez, vous verrez. This is the foul fiend Flibbertigibbet Edmund Peckham. In the entertainment given by the earl of Leicester to Queen Elizabeth, Dickon Sludge acts the part of an imp.

Scott, Kenilworth time, Elizabeth. Flint Lord , chief minister of state to one of the sultans of India. He had the enviable faculty of a very short memory when he did not choose to recollect. Inchbald, Such Things Are Flint , jailer in The Deserter , a musical drama by Dibdin Flint Jack , Edward Simpson, who used to tramp the kingdom, vending spurious flint arrow-heads, celts, and other imitation antiquities.

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In he was imprisoned for theft. Daughter of Mrs. She is in the service of Clarissa, and aids her in all her follies. Dickens, Bleak House , iv. Scott, Waverley time, George II. Flogged by Deputy. The Marquis de Leganez forbade the tutor of his son to use rigor or corporal punishment of any kind, so the tutor hit upon this device to intimidate the boy: he flogged a lad named Raphael, brought up with young Leganez as a playmate, whenever that young nobleman deserved punishment. This produced an excellent effect; but Raphael did not see its justice and ran away.

When King Arthur invaded Gaul, the tribune fled to Paris, which Arthur besieged, and Flollo proposed to decide the quarrel by single combat. To this Arthur agreed, and cleft with his sword Caliburn both the helmet and head of his adversary. Having made himself master of all Gaul, King Arthur held his court at Paris.

Flor and Blancheflor , the title of a minnesong by Conrad Fleck, at one time immensely popular. It is the story of two children who fall in love with each other. There is a good deal of grace and tenderness in the tale, with an abundance of trash. The two children love each other, but Feinix sells Blancheflor to some Eastern merchants. Flor goes in quest of Blancheflor, whom he finds in Babylon, in the palace of the sultan, who is a sorcerer.

He gains access to the palace, hidden in a basket of roses; but the sultan discovers him, and is about to cast both into the flames, when, touched with human gentleness and love, he sets them free. They then return to Spain, find Feinix dead, and marry fourteenth century. In natural history all the flowers and vegetable productions of a country and locality are called its flora, and all its animal productions its fauna. Flora , the waiting-woman of Donna Violante. In love with Lissado, the valet of Don Felix. Flora , the niece of old Farmer Freehold. Floranthe Donna , a lady beloved by Octavian.

Colman, Octavian Florence Vane. Florence , Mrs. Byron made her acquaintance in Malta, but Thomas Moore thinks his devotion was more imaginary than real. Florence Weir. A beautiful girl committed to the care of a young man who expects to meet a child. Although hardly released from an engagement to another girl he falls in love with his charge, when his former flame recalls him, but generously resigns him to her younger rival. An old deformed hag promises him the solution if he will agree to marry her afterward. He keeps faith with his deliverer, and on the wedding-night she is transformed into a beautiful woman.

The story is much older than Gower, and is found in the legends of several countries, but Chaucer probably borrowed it from him while changing it in details. Florentine Diamond The , the fourth largest cut diamond in the world. It was picked up by a Swiss peasant, who sold it to a priest for half a crown. It subsequently came into the hands of Pope Julius II.

See Diamonds. It was discovered in by Vanderburg, and is especially celebrated because it was near this isle that Sir Richard Grenville, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, fought his famous sea-fight. He had only one ship with a hundred men, and was opposed by the Spanish fleet of fifty-three men-of-war. For some hours victory was doubtful, and when Sir Richard was severely wounded, he wanted to sink the ship; but the Spaniards boarded it, complimented him on his heroic conduct, and he died.

As the ship The Revenge was on its way to Spain, it was wrecked, and went to the bottom, so it never reached Spain after all. Tennyson has a poem on the subject At the opening of the play he is travelling with his servant Verbel to discover where the princess has been placed by her father during the war. He falls in with the Tartar chief Kera Khan, whom he overpowers in fight, but spares his life, and thus makes him his friend. Floreski finds the princess in the castle of Baron Lovinski, who keeps her a virtual prisoner, but the castle being stormed by the Tartars the baron is slain, and the princess marries the count.

Kemble, Lodoiska. He assumes the name of Goswin, and becomes, in Bruges, a wealthy merchant. His mistress is Bertha, the supposed daughter of Vandunke the burgomaster. Florian Florian is light-hearted and volatile, but with deep affection, very brave, and the delight of all who know him.

Dimond, The Foundling of the Forest. Florida Vervain , American girl with her mother in Venice. She takes Italian lessons from Don Ippolito, a young priest, who has mistaken his calling. Separation and sorrow ensue. Howells, A Foregone Conclusion , When Marinel was overthrown by Britomart and was reported to be dead, Florimel resolved to search into the truth of this rumor. In her wanderings, she came weary to the hut of a hag, but when she left the hut the hag sent a savage monster to bring her back. Florimel, however, jumped into a boat and escaped, but fell into the hands of Proteus 2 syl.

Proteus did not dare to disobey, the lady was released, and became the happy bride of her liberator. A boy showed King Arthur a mantle which no wife not leal could wear. If any unchaste wife or maiden put it on, it would either go to shreds or refuse to drape decorously. At Ephesus was a grotto containing a statue of Diana.

If a chaste wife or maiden entered, a reed there presented by Pan gave forth most melodious sounds; but if the unfaithful or unchaste entered, the sounds were harsh and discordant. See Caradoc , p. She was violated by King Roderick; and the count, in his indignation, renounced the Christian religion and called over the Moors, who came to Spain in large numbers and drove Roderick from the throne.

Roderick, in the guise of a priest, reclaimed Count Julian as he was dying, and as Florinda rose from the dead body:. This part from bk. Florise , The lady , attendant on Queen Berengaria. Scott, The Talisman , time, Richard I. This part was added by Feliciano de Silva. Florival Mdlle. In due time he returned to England and Colonel Tamper with him. Now Colonel Tamper was in love with Emily, and wishing to try the strength of her affection, pretended to be severely mutilated in the wars. Florival was a guest of Emily at the time, and, being apprised of the trick, resolved to turn the tables on the colonel, so when he entered the room as a maimed soldier, he found there Florival, dressed as an officer, and, under the name of Captain Johnson, flirting most desperately with Emily.

The colonel was mad with jealousy, but in the very whirlwind of his rage, Major Belford recognized Mdlle. Florival, saw through the trick, and after a hearty good laugh at the colonel all ended happily. Florizel and Perdita then fled from Bohemia, and took refuge in Sicily. Florizel , the name assumed by George IV.

Flowers The Death of the. The punishment was inflicted because he had refused succor to a leaking ship, lost in consequence of his inhumanity. Floyds The. Artist and wife summering in Broughton, Mass. He is self-indulgent and careless of her; she proud, passionate and morbid. Convinced that her husband is weary of her, and beset by the importunities of another man, she drowns herself.

Flute The Magic , a flute which has the powers of inspiring love. When given by the powers of darkness, the love it inspires is sensual love; but when bestowed by the powers of light, it becomes subservient to the very holiest ends. Flutter , a gossip, fond of telling a good story, but, unhappily, unable to do so without a blunder.

Fly-gods , Beelzebub, a god of the Philistines, supposed to ward off flies. Flying Dutchman The , a phantom ship, seen in stormy weather off the Cape of Good Hope, and thought to forebode ill luck. The legend is that it was a vessel laden with precious metal, gained by murder and piracy on the high seas. In punishment, the plague broke out among the crew; no port would admit them, and the ship must sail the seas till doomsday. Another legend is, that a Dutch captain, homeward-bound, driven back by continued storms off the Cape, swore that he would double the Cape if he sailed till the day of doom.

Taken at his word, he must now sail the seas forever. The doomed captain cannot find rest until some woman consents to share his fate. Elsa, moved by pity, makes the sacrifice and saves him from perdition. Flying Highwayman. William Harrow, who leaped his horse over turn-pike gates as if it had been furnished with wings. He was executed in Story told by the miner whose life he saved. Flyter Mrs. Scott, Rob Roy time, George I. Fog Amos. Congreve, The Way of the World Vincent Crummles.

Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby He is a good specimen of the savage chieftain; bold and daring, but presumptuous, overbearing, and cruel. In counsel Foldath is imperious, and contemptuous to those who differ from him. Unrelenting in revenge; and even when he falls with his death-wound dealt by Fillan the son of Fingal, he feels a sort of pleasure that his ghost would hover in the blast, and exult over the graves of his enemies.

When Mrs. Fondlove Sir William , a vain old baronet of 60, who fancies himself a schoolboy, capable of playing boyish games, dancing, or doing anything that young men do. What signs of age have I? I walk as well as ever. Do I stoop? Observe the hollow of my back. As now I stand, so stood I when a child, a rosy, chubby boy. Think you my leg is shrunk? Vigor, sir, vigor, in every joint. Could run, could leap. Knowles, The Love-Chase James I. Fool The , in the ancient morris-dance, represented the court-jester. The hood was blue, edged with yellow and scolloped, the doublet red, edged with yellow, the girdle yellow, the hose of one leg yellow and of the other blue, shoes red.

See Morris-Dance. Fools, Jesters and Mirthmen. Those in italics were mirthmen, but not licensed fools or jesters. Adelsburn Burkard Kasper , jester to George I. He was not only a fun-maker, but also a ghostly adviser of the Hanoverian. He was a stolid brute, fond of practical jokes. He is mentioned by Boileau in Satires i. Armstrong Archie , jester in the courts of James I. Three towns and five caracutes in Gloucestershire were given him by the king. During a pestilence he conceived the idea of offering his life as a ransom for his countrymen, and actually starved himself to death to stay the plague.

Caillet Guillaume , who flourished about His likeness is given in the frontispiece of the Ship of Fools Chicot , jester of Henri III. Alexandre Dumas has a novel called Chicot the Jester He was the very prince of mimics. He was knighted by the king himself. Dufresnoy , poet, playwright, actor, gardener, glass-manufacturer, spendthrift, wit, and honorary fool to Louis XIV. Geddes James , jester in the court of Mary, queen of Scots. He was daft, and followed Jemmy Colquhoun in the motley. Glorieux Le , jester of Charles le Hardi of Burgundy.

Gonella , domestic jester of the duke of Ferrara. His jests are in print. Gonella used to ride a horse all skin and bone, which is spoken of in Don Quixote. Hafod Jack , a retainer in the house of Mr. Bartlett, of Castlemorton, Worcestershire. Heywood John author of numerous dramatic works Johan , Le Fol de Madame mentioned by Marot in his epitaphs. Johnson S. Patison , licensed jester to Sir Thomas More. Paul Jacob , Baron Gundling. This merryman was laden with titles in ridicule by Frederick William I.

Pearce Dickie , fool of the earl of Suffolk. Dean Swift wrote an epitaph on him. Rosen Kunz von der , private jester to the emperor Maximilian I. He was succeeded by Aopi. The effigy of this jester is at Hampton Court. Stehlin Professor , in the household of czarina Elizabeth of Russia. He was teacher of mathematics and history to the grand-duke Peter II. Tarleton , Richard , the famous clown, and jester in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, but not attached either to the court or to any nobleman Thom , one of the court jesters of James I. Contemporary with Derrie. Triboulet , court jester to Louis XII.

Licinio, the rival of Titian, took his likeness, which is still extant. Wallett W. Yorick , jester in the court of Denmark. Referred to by Shakespeare in his Hamlet , act v. Vespasian the Roman emperor had a contempt for foppery. Charlemagne had a similar contempt of foppery. One day, when he was hunting, the rain poured down in torrents, and the fine furs and silks of his suite were utterly spoilt.

The king took this occasion to rebuke the court beaux for their vanity in dress and advised them in future to adopt garments more simple and more serviceable. Foppington Lord ,an empty-headed coxcomb, intent only on dress and fashion. The shoemaker in The Relapse tells Lord Foppington that his lordship is mistaken in supposing that his shoe pinches. Foppington Lord , a young married man about town, most intent upon dress and fashion, whose whole life is consumed in the follies of play and seduction. Foppington Lord , elder brother of Tom Fashion.

A selfish coxcomb, engaged to be married to Miss Hoyden, daughter of Sir Tunbelly Clumsy, to whom he is personally unknown. His brother Tom, to whom he did not behave well, resolved to outwit him; and passing himself off as Lord Foppington, got introduced to the family, and married the heiress. When his lordship appeared, he was treated as an impostor, till Tom explained his ruse; and Sir Tunbelly, being snubbed by the coxcomb, was soon brought to acquiesce in the change, and gave his hand to his new son-in-law with cordiality.

The leading excitement and surprise is his falling in love with a rich and beautiful girl and a poor and pretty one at the same time. Miriam, the rich beauty, divines the truth and her plan for freeing him is thus described by Edward Jasper, whom she married out of hand one evening. I am the abyss. Accordingly, I efface myself. Ford , a gentleman of fortune living at Windsor. Ford , wife of Mr. Sir John Falstaff pays court to her, and she pretends to accept his protestations protestations of love, in order to expose and punish him.

Her husband assumes for the nonce the name of Brook, and Sir John tells him from time to time the progress of his suit, and how he succeeds in duping her fool of a husband. When Brandimart was slain, Fordelis dwelt for a time in his sepulchre in Sicily, and died broken-hearted. See Fourdelis. I know the signs, and the planets, and their houses; can judge of motions, direct and retrograde, of sextiles, quadrates, trines, and oppositions, fiery trigons and aquatic trigons. Know whether life shall be long or short, happy or unhappy; whether diseases are curable or incurable; if journeys shall be prosperous, undertakings successful, or stolen goods recovered.


Congreve, Love for Love , ii. Forester Sir Philip , a libertine knight. Bertram C. His forgery was exposed by J. Mayor, in his preface to Ricardi de Cirencestria Speculum Historiale. Chatterton Thomas , in , published certain poems, which he affirmed were written in the fifteenth century by Thomas Rowley, a monk. The poets Gray and Mason detected the forgery. Catcott, who was writing a history of Bristol. Ireland S. He actually produced MSS. It drew a most crowded house; but the fraud was detected, and Ireland made a public declaration of his impositions, from beginning to end.

Mentz , who lived in the ninth century, published fifty-nine decretals, which he asserted were by Isidore of Seville, who lived three centuries previously. The object of these forged letters was to exalt the papacy and to corroborate certain dogmas. Forgive, Blest Shade John Gill curate of Newchurch , of one originally composed by Mrs. Anne Steele, daughter of a Baptist minister at Bristol.

Her name is said to have been Margherita. Raphael painted several portraits of this woman, the most famous being in the Uffizi Gallery at Florence, and her face appears to have suggested many of his most beautiful faces in other works. Forrest George , Esq. She has the bad taste to prefer a plainer man. Fortescue Ellen. Orphan niece adopted by Mr. Hamilton, shy, gentle, timid, and affectionate. Performance of her promise to do this bring upon the sister a weight of suspicion that humbles her 40 to the dust and nearly breaks her heart.

He chooses riches, and she gives him an inexhaustible purse. Subsequently, the sultan gives him a wishing-cap, which as soon as he puts on his head, will transport him to any spot he likes. These gifts prove the ruin of Fortunatus and his sons. There is a German version, and a French one, as far back as Ludwig Tieck also had a drama upon the same subject.

The purse of Fortunatus could not supply you. It was given to Fortunatus by Fortune herself. He had only to put it on his head and wish, when he would find himself transported to any spot he liked. Fortune Emerson. She rules her house, her mother and niece with a hand of iron until she marries her farmer, phlegmatic Van Brunt. The object of the farce is to show the pleasure of doing good, and the blessings which a little liberality can dispense. Robin was not spoilt by his good fortune, but married Dolly, and became the good genius of the cottage tenantry.

Fortunes of Nigel , a novel by Sir. Scott This story gives an excellent picture of the times of James I. The character of King James, poor, proud and pedantic, is a masterly historic sketch. Fortunio put on military costume, and went in place of her father. On her way, a fairy gave her a horse named Comrade, not only of incredible swiftness, but all-knowing and endowed with human speech; she also gave her an inexhaustible Turkey-leather trunk, full of money, jewels and fine clothes. After performing several marvelous feats by the aid of her horse and servants, Fortunio married Alfurite 3 syl.

Trinquet drank up the lakes and ponds, and thus caught for his master [ sic ] most delicate fish. Lightfoot hunted down venison, and caught hares by the ears. As for Marksman, he gave neither partridge or pheasant any quarter, and whatever amount of game Marksman shot, Strongback would carry without inconvenience.

Whatever gifts Fortunio sent her sisters their touch rendered them immediately worthless. Forwards Marshal. Blucher is so called for his dash and readiness to attack in the campaign of The old doge also was deposed at the age of He was banished for taking bribes of foreign princes. Jacopo had been several times tortured, and died soon after his banishment to Candia.

Gallant, audacious and fat. Foss Corporal , a disabled soldier, who served many years under Lieutenant Worthington, and remained his ordinary when the lieutenant retired from the service. Though brusque in manner, he was tender-hearted as a child. Colman, The Poor Gentleman Foster Captain , on guard at Tully Veolan ruin.

Foster Sir John , the English warden. Scott, The Monastery time Elizabeth. Foster Dr. James , a dissenting minister, who preached on Sunday evenings for above twenty years, from , in Old Jewry died Foster Silas , the bucolic master of the house that shelters the reformers of The Blithedale Romance. Foundling The , Harriet , Harriet Raymond, whose mother died in childbirth, was committed to the charge of a gouvernante , who announced to her father Sir Charles Raymond that the child was dead.

They are the chums of Valentine the gallant, who would not be persuaded to keep his estate. Fountain of Oblivion. It had the virtue of restoring the aged to youth again. In the middle ages it was really believed to exist, and Juan Ponce de Leon, among other Spanish navigators, went in serious quest of this fountain. These four kings are representatives of the four great monarchies. Four Masters The. These four masters were the authors of the Annals of Donegal.

Her brother Octave 2 syl. Scapin obtains both these sums from the fathers under false pretences, and at the end of the comedy is brought in on a litter, with his head bound as if on the point of death. See Scapin. Fourolle 2 syl. The charm lasted for a term of years only, unless it chanced that some good Catholic, wishing to extinguish the wandering flame, made to it the sign of the cross, in which case the sinful creature became a fourolle every night, by way of penance. Fourteen , the name of a young man who could do the work of fourteen men, but had also the appetite of fourteen men.

Webster, Basque Legends , This number plays a very conspicuous part in French history, especially in the reigns of Henri IV. For example:. This order 44 was carried out, and 4 times 14 years later Henri IV. Louis XV. Louis XVI. Fox That , Herod Antipas B. Foxley Squire Matthew , a magistrate who examines Darsie Latimer [ i.

Sir Arthur Darsie Redgauntlet], after he had been attacked by the rioters. Fracasse Capitaine , the French Bombastes Furioso. Fra Diavolo , the sobriquet of Michel Pozza, a Calabrian insurgent and brigand chief. In Cardinal Ruffo made him a colonel in the Neapolitan army, but in he was captured by the French, and hanged at Naples. Auber has a comic opera so entitled, the libretto of which was written by Scribe, but nothing of the true character of the brigand chief appears in the opera. Brother Doubt ]. The stranger knight fell, and both ladies being saddled on the victor, Duessa changed her rival into a tree.

The Red Cross Knight plucked a bough from this tree, and seeing with horror that blood dripped from the rift, was told this tale of the metamorphosis. She is entrapped into marriage with Tattle. Congreve, Love for Love Frampton Major , the great man of the little village of Hillsborough, and a connoisseur in peach-brandy. Losing money, horses, wagons, and all his negroes except his body-servant, at cards, he blows out his brains in a convenient pine thicket.

Frances , daughter of Vandunke 2 syl. France Everidge , the unworldly daughter of a worldly mother. Francesea , daughter of Guido da Polenta lord of Ravenna. She was given by her father in marriage to Lanciotto, son of Malatesta, lord of Rimini, who was deformed. His brother Paolo, who was a handsome man, won the affections of Francesca; but being caught in adultery, both of them were put to death by Lanciotto. George H. Francesca , a Venetian maiden, daughter of old Minotti, governor of Corinth.

Alp, the Venetian commander of the Turkish army in the siege siege of Corinth, loved her; but she refused to marry a renegade. Alp was shot in the siege, and Francesca died of a broken heart. Medora, Neuha, Leila, Francesca, and Theresa, it has been alleged, are but children of one family, with differences resulting from climate and circumstances. The duke believed his favorite minister, and in his mad jealously ran upon Marcelia and slew her. He was then poisoned by Eugenia, whom he had seduced. See Francisco. Thompson, The Stranger Francis Ayrault , a visionary who living in the dream-world he has evoked, neglects his nearest of kin, and lets opportunities of happiness, usefulness and patriotic service go by unimproved.

Francis Father , a Dominican monk, the confessor of Simon Glover.

Single Father, Surprise Prince!. Raye Morgan

Francis Le Baron. Young French nobleman who renounces king and country. He is the father of Lazarus le Baron. Francis Father , a monk of the convent at Namur. So called from St. Francis, of Assisi, their founder, in Both father and son are in love with Cellide 2 syl. Thomas Francisco , younger brother of Valentine the gentleman who will not be persuaded to keep his estate. See Francesco. Frankenstein 3 syl. It was most powerful for evil, and being fully conscious of its own defects and deformities, sought with persistency to inflict retribution on the young student who had called it into being,—Mrs.

Shelley, Frankenstein In the summer of , Lord Byron and Mr. Shelley resided on the banks of the lake of Geneva During a week of rain, having amused themselves with reading German ghost stories, they agreed to write something in imitation of them. Moore, Life of Byron. Frankford proved unfaithful to her marriage vow, and Mr.

Frankford sent her to reside on one of his estates. She died of grief; but on her death-bed her husband went to see her, and forgave her. Frankland Harry , Englishman saved from death, when buried in the ruins of Lisbon, by the exertions of the woman he has wronged and deserted.

Franklin Lady , the half-sister of Sir John Vesey, and a young widow. This paragon of women loved and married Mr. Bulwer Lytton, Money When Aurelius heard thereof, and saw the deep grief of the lady, he said he would rather die than injure so true a wife and so noble a gentleman. See Dianora. Frankly Charles , a lighted-hearted, joyous, enthusiastic young man, in love with Clarinda, whom he marries.

Hoadley, The Suspicious Husband Frank Warrington , a young teacher who goes out into the world to seek her fortune as a governess. She wins the affections of the eldest son of her employers, and, although preferring at heart an earlier lover, marries the gay handsome heir secretly. When the truth is revealed, the bridegroom is killed in a duel by the brother of a woman to whom he had been betrothed. Frank Warrington, humbler and wiser, returns to her country home, and eventually marries her first love.

Franval Madame , born of a noble family, is proud as the proudest of the old French noblesse. Captain St. Alme, the son of a merchant, loves her daughter; but the haughty aristocrat looks with disdain on such an alliance. Her brother intercedes in her behalf, and madame makes a virtue of necessity, with as much grace as possible. Holcroft, The Deaf and Dumb It was of this prince that the following epitaph was written:.

Frederick , the usurping duke, father of Celia and uncle of Rosalind. He was about to make war upon his banished brother, when a hermit encountered him, and so completely changed him that he not only restored his brother to his dukedom, but retired to a religious house, and passed the rest of his life in penitence and acts of devotion. Frederick , the unnatural and licentious brother of Alphonso, king of Naples, whose kingdom he usurped. Frederick Don , a Portuguese merchant, the friend of Don Felix. Frederick the Great in Flight. In was the battle of Molwitz, in which the Prussians carried the day, and the Austrians fled; but Frederick, who commanded the cavalry, was put to flight early in the action, and thinking that all was lost, fled with his staff many miles from the scene of action.

Frederick Olyphant. Young man who has incurred the enmity of one of the Brotherhood of the Sea. He gains his liberty through the accidental drowning of his jailor, and returns to New York, where his absence had excited the wildest alarm among his friends and the most fanciful speculations among acquaintances. Frederick Owen. Freedom Wheeler. Aura Freehold , daughter of Freehold. A pretty, courageous, high-spirited lass, who wins the heart of Modely, a man of the world and a libertine. Freelove Lady , aunt to Harriot [Russet].

Freeman Charles , the friend of Lovel, whom he assists in exposing the extravagance of his servants. Townley, High Life Below Stairs Freeman Sir Charles , brother of Mrs. Sullen and friend of Aimwell. Freeman Mrs. Freemason The lady , the Hon. Miss Elizabeth St. Leger afterwards Mrs. Aldworth , daughter of Arthur, lord of Doneraile.

Free Joe , negro manumitted by his master, the latter committing suicide immediately afterward. At length she does not come for a month to the trysting-place, and he consults a fortune-teller who shows him that her master has taken her out of the county. Still he awaits her at the appointed rendezvous many days and nights, always sure that she will come, and laughing when others doubt it. One morning his friends, the poor whites, find him there dead.

He was one of the members of the hypothetical club under whose auspices the Spectator was enterprised. Freiherr von Guttingen , having collected the poor of his neighborhood in a great barn, burnt them to death, and mocked their cries of agony. The castle then sank in the lake, and may still be seen there. See Hatto. The devil gave him seven balls, six of which were to hit with certainty any mark he aimed at; but the seventh was to be directed according to the will of the giver.

Freron Jean , the person bitten by a mad dog, referred to by Goldsmith in the lines:. Freston , the enchanter, who bore Don Quixote especial ill-will. Dominicans are called black friars, Franciscans grey friars, and the other two white friars. A fifth order was the Trinitarians or Crutched friars, a later foundation. Friar Lawrence. An archdeacon employed a sumpnor as his secret spy to find out offenders, with the view of exacting fines from them. In order to accomplish this more effectually, the sumpnor entered into a compact with the devil, disguised as a yeoman.

Fribble , a contemptible molly-coddle, troubled with weak nerves. He wears nice white gloves, and tells his lady-love what ribbons become her complexion, where to stick her patches, who is the best milliner, where they sell the best tea, what is the best wash for the face, and the best paste for the hands. I shall make the tea, comb the dogs, and dress the children myself.

Garrick, Miss in Her Teens , ii. Friday My man , a young Indian, whom Robinson Crusoe saved from death on a Friday, and kept as his servant and companion on the desert island. Dinah Friendly , daughter of Sir Thomas. Moncrieff, The Bashful Man. Frithiof [ Frit. His adventures are recorded in an ancient Icelandic saga of the thirteenth century. Fritz Old , Frederick II. Fritz , a gardener, passionately fond of flowers, the only subject he can talk about. Frog Nic. Frog was a cunning, sly rogue, quite reverse of John [ Bull ] in many particulars; covetous, frugal; minded domestic affairs; would pinch his belly to save his pocket; never lost a farthing by careless servants or bad debts.

He did not care much for any sort of diversions, except tricks of high German artists and legerdemain; no man exceeded Nic. Yet it must be owned that Nic. Arbuthnot, History of John Bull , v. He has a great reputation for sanctity, but entertains a base passion for Esmeralda, the beautiful gypsy girl.

Quasimodo flings him into the air from the top of Notre Dame, and dashes him to death. Froth Master , a foolish gentleman. Too shallow for great crime and too light for virtue. Lady Froth , a lady of letters, who writes songs, elegies, satires, lampoons, plays, and so on. She thinks her lord the most polished of all men, and his bow the pattern of grace and elegance. Her conduct with Mr. Brisk is most blamable. Congreve, The Double Dealer Frothal , king of Sora, and son of Annir. He would have carried her off by violence, but her brother Cathulla interfered, bound Frothal, and, after keeping him in bonds for three days, sent him out of the island.

When Starno was gathered to his fathers, Frothal returned and laid siege to the palace of Cathulla; but Fingal, happening to arrive at the island, met Frothal in single combat, overthrew him, and would have slain him, if Utha, his betrothed disguised in armor , had not interposed. Fudge Family The , a family supposed by T.

Moore to be visiting Paris after the peace. It consists of Phil Fudge, Esq. These four write letters to their friends in England. The skit is meant to satirize the parvenu English abroad. Phil Fudge, Esq. He is a secret agent of Lord Castlereagh [ Kar. Letter vi. These letters describe how French dandies dress, eat, and kill time. Moore Fulgentio , a kinsman of Roberto king of the two Sicilies. He was the most rising and most insolent man in the court.

But if you want to ring the morning stars into the prospectus, all right! Howells, A Hazard of New Fortunes I have blustered for prerogative; I have bellowed for freedom; I have offered to serve my country; I have engaged to betray it I have talked treason, writ treason And here I set up as a bookseller, but men leave off reading; and if I were to turn butcher, I believe Patty Fulmer , an unprincipled, flashy 54 woman, living with Fulmer, with the brevet rank of wife. She is a swindler, a scandal-monger, anything, in short, to turn a penny by; but her villainy brings her to grief.

Fum , George IV. Sisters of the Silver Dollar. Heartland Sisters. Wilde [Bretton]. New Year's Bachelors. The Runaway Heiress. A Royal Twist. The Little Matchmaker. Bird in a Mirror. Bride's Bay Resort. Fortune Cookie. Taylor House. Born in the USA. Mac McQuade. Leah Frankel. Kyle Stratton. Roberta Frankel. April Ramsey. Christopher Ramsey. Grant Curtis. Ellen Hardesty. Adam Holcomb. Aldora Cassidy. Michael Harris. Sophie Peters. Jenny Perrin. Luke Benning. Jessie Meyer. Mark Elliot. Danny McCandless. Seth Stone. Laura Brodie. Kip Stroud. Shelley Ballard. Brent Carlton. Kate Douglass.

Ken Morely. Julie Shore. Amy Wells. John Robert Calhoun IV. Ukiah "Ki" Jones. Shane O'Connell. Robin Lindstrom. Flint Harris. Sinclair MacDonald. Cathy Whiteheart. Jack LeGrand. Kim Morris. Princess CeCe Carradigne. Sean Lawton. Bill Hardesty. Jessie Holcomb. Alexandra Michaels. Chloe Verona. Will Turner. Katherine Lafferty.

Peter Bradford. Mathew Connelly. Dax Deveraux. Jeannie MacPherson. Helen Emerson. James Sheridan Rafferty. Keely Preston. Mandy Harlon. Lucy Beckwith. Janice Parker. Michael Holiday. Jack Slater. Megan Carey. Ethan Winslowe. Charlie Scott. Karen Tillman. Chance Powers. Suzanna Molloy. Daniel Crompton. Gabriel Falcone. Carrie Alexander. Katie Flynn. Richard Alonzo "Lonny" Reed.

Cassandra O'Neill. Noah Grant. Bran Rathburn. Abbie Jarvis. Anne Kirkland. Althea Adamson. Katherine Taylor Cartwright. Troy Bennett. Julianne Robinson. Lila Chapin. Kelly Archer. Steve Delany. Lissa Cavender. Jared Stone. Robin Greer. Jesse Lawson. Laurel Sauder. Seth Norris. Tara Blayne. California, USA. Texas, USA. Downhome, Tennessee, USA. Tyler, Wisconsin, USA. Montana, USA. New Hampshire, USA. Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Virginia, USA. Hawai'i, USA. Alaska, USA. Rhode Island, USA. Wyoming, USA. Irvine, California, USA. Ketchikan, Alaska, USA. Cactus, Texas, USA. Lover's Valley, Texas.

Manzanita, Oregon, USA. Lake Tahoe, USA. New York, USA. Michigan, USA. Oklahoma, USA. Maryland, USA. Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA. Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Orlando, Florida, USA. Houston, Texas, USA. Wisconsin, USA. Madison, Connecticut, USA. Minnesota, USA. Beth Anderson. Washington, USA. Greensdale, Massachusetts, USA. Aegean Sea. Appalachia, USA. Maine, USA. Bartlow, Ohio, USA. Connecticut, USA. Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. New Jersey, USA. Wheeler, California, USA. David Matthews. Morey's Falls. Louisiana, USA. Orange, California, USA. Curtisville, Kansas, USA. Denver, Colorado, USA.

Paris, France. Fairplay, Colorado, USA. Evanston, Illinois, USA. Verona, Veneto, Italy. Colorado, USA. Nevada, USA.

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