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Today, Texas Storm Chasers has more than , followers on Facebook and more than , followers on Twitter. The atmosphere is complex. Forecasting what may happen is even more complicated. The information out there between television, radio and a multitude of other sources can be confusing. In essence, we wanted to utilize social media to bridge the gap between data the National Weather Service provides and what the general public receives from other sources, to become a one-stop destination for timely and accurate weather information, in a format that is easy for everyone to understand.

For some chasers, the one and only goal is to see tornadoes. We like that, too, but we also love all that our atmosphere has to offer. Brown says. We understand the atmosphere scientifically way more now than we did 50, or even just 10 years ago, but there are still things happening inside those incredible and dangerous storms that have yet to be fully understood. Brian Williams, a local storm spotter, has been on many exhilarating and eye-opening storm chases.

Weathering the Storm

He says he spots mostly in North Texas and Oklahoma. However, the amazing side of it is getting a chance to see Mother Nature show us how beautiful our weather can be. Many of these fearless storm chasers want to help the community by relaying important information to be better prepared. It is very important to take in as much as possible if you are a chaser or spotter. This is not the case. You have to be safe and understand what you are up against. Williams says. North Texas has an abundance of meteorologists whose sole mission is to keep us informed and safe.

My role as a meteorologist is to predict the weather and communicate that to the public. It is also my responsibility to make sure my viewers have the information they need to stay safe during times of busy weather. I have to help people stay safe when the worst weather is heading our way.

My role, as a broadcast meteorologist, is considerably different than your typical on-air talent. While I do have a couple of days where I am on the air, my primary responsibility is handling more of the behind-the-scenes tasks.

When it comes to visibility in a nighttime snowstorm, do you really want to cheap out?

This includes creating special weather graphics, coordinating storm chase crews, overseeing our general severe weather coverage, taking care of any special projects and sending information and weather tidbits on social media. Henry credits covering big weather events as his favorite part of his career in meteorology because such events are always challenging and rewarding. He is able to provide critical weather information that keeps viewers and their families safe. With our ever-changing weather patterns and our fair share of equally out-of-season temperatures and weather happenings, we are quite accustomed to staying on our toes.

Many people wonder why we have such crazy weather in parts of Texas. Experts agree that it is our location, and some agree that it is just the way it is! That is just the way the weather is in North Texas! And, that is the way it is across our country and around the world. With that being said, we do experience a higher number of instances of severe weather because of our ideal placement in the southern part of the Central Plains.

Moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will stream north and interact with storm systems moving across a central part of the U. Those ingredients coming together are what help create the powerful thunderstorms we see here in the spring. In other words, we just live in the right place to have really strong thunderstorms and the occasional threat of tornadoes. For instance, on sunny days in winter, with a gusty southwest or west wind, we can easily soar into the 70s. Then, less than hours later, an arctic front can barrel through and open the door for bitterly cold air to invade North Texas.

While it did not happen this winter, we have seen several arctic blasts over the past few winters, as these air masses roll south out of Canada, literally unimpeded. During the spring, a beautiful, sunny day can be followed by an outbreak of severe storms, as moisture from the Gulf collides with an approaching cold front or dry line. Though tornadoes are not common in December, North Texas learned they are not to be ruled out. In this case, we learned that we need to continue to work harder on getting people to react and respond accordingly when severe weather threatens … even if it is the day after Christmas!

We had given out information days before the severe weather hit, but because everyone was in holiday mode, not as many people were paying attention to the weather like they normally would. Sadly, in the December tornadoes, several fatalities involved motorists. Cars and trucks are no match for the power of a tornado.

Henry strongly encourages motorists to consider postponing or delaying travel if severe weather is anticipated during the time they are on the road, especially during rush hour. This area has a robust mutual aid system that can provide assistance from our neighboring cities. Though the tornadoes in December caught us off guard, and by surprise, North Texans are quite used to the sometimes volatile weather our spring season brings.

Propane and natural gas prices on the rise

Forecasters are not able to predict weather events months in the future, but they are able to make predictions on past weather patterns and events. Henry advises readers to be prepared for all modes of severe weather, including large hail, high winds, tornadoes and flash flooding. James makes early predictions based on past weather events.

It is vitally important that we know, understand and respect the power of severe weather, while knowing how to protect ourselves from its effects. Lightning, tornadoes, hail and flooding are all dangerous and potential products of thunderstorms that can pose a significant threat to Frisco. Brown encourages residents to be aware of the weather conditions expected on any given day, especially during the spring and fall storm seasons. It is important to know where you live on a map and what county you live or work in. When watches and warnings are issued, you will immediately be able to recognize whether they impact your area or not.

Much of Frisco is settled on the western side of Collin County, but a portion of the city lies on the eastern border of Denton County. To further ensure safety during weather situations, residents need to fully understand the watches and warnings our meteorologist and storm chasing friends issue based on developing information from the National Weather Service.

Brown shares. When the National Weather Service issues a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch, residents need to pay attention to the weather during that timeframe by tuning into local radio or television and keeping an eye on things. Residents within the warning area need to seek shelter immediately and stay there until the threat has passed. We urge everyone to know the difference, share the information with family members and do not wait until the last minute to make a plan for where you will seek shelter once a warning has been issued.

Do not hesitate! Families need to make sure they have a safety plan that allows them to act quickly in order to safeguard against impending weather, no matter where they are. Everyone should have a plan of action at home, work and at school. Also, download the WAPP FOX 4 weather app, as it will keep you informed with the very latest forecast and gives you access to live radar any time, anywhere!

A basement or below ground storm shelter is best, but not everyone has access to one of those. The next best choice is to go to an interior closet or bathroom. Take along some blankets and pillows to protect yourself from flying debris. You can also use cushions off the couch. You can even use bicycle helmets, baseball helmets or football helmets to protect yourself from flying debris. Sometimes, we are caught out running errands, driving home from work or even at outdoor events when severe weather strikes, so it is important to know what to do, even when we are not in the comfort and safety of our homes.

Brown advises, if you are in a store or at the office, the same principles apply as they do at home. Find an interior bathroom or stairwell to seek shelter and stay away from glass windows or atriums. Knowledge of your surroundings and weather conditions is key if you are driving or on the highway in the midst of severe weather or even a tornado.

First and foremost, be aware of what weather conditions you may be driving into. NYC: Damn we were so close. Drakoen: 43 here in Silver Spring Yep and we busted on the high forecasted today by a couple degrees, accordingly my enthusiasm has died down. Goodnight everyone, hopefully this don't end up being a super blockbuster Nor'easter, but for all the snow lovers, this Is for all of you, ''Do you want to build a snowman? The NAM sucks with precipitation rates! It's probably suffering from convective feedback issues.

Let's see what the rest of the 00z suite says, although they too could suffer from those issues, the big wrench in the forecast. Drakoen: It's probably suffering from convective feedback issues. I hope so. I'm jealous. Drakoen: You're close to a potential screw zone with the storm transitioning off the east coast.

What are your odds that NYC breaks its snowstorm record? Temp stated a gradual drop from 44 about 2 hours ago. The OKX discussion, updated 20 minutes ago, is still surprisingly bullish. It very well may, even for your area. Snow has begun to fall already at the Jersey shore! Ahead of schedule. TropicalAnalystwx Nobody has even hinted at that. Half of what the NWS is forecasting. Of course, we can't verify a forecast with another forecast. TropicalAnalystwx Looks like the Twitter hashtag for this event will be blizzardof But Juno is such an awesome name for this kind of storm.

You can even use it in a sentence to poke fun at it, like "Juno that Boston is stockpiling sand and salt for the upcoming storm? GFS sucks.. Ppl dont be jealous we gunna get a lot snow here in ny tristate. BaltimoreBrian: Sunday reading!!! Lol, looks like a few are calling for a bust forecast, isn't that usually the case. Quoting snowevent: GFS sucks.. The GFS is a big out liner follow the Nam and eur.

Dude do you think I'm cool. Do you remember back before the site rebranded, and we had the comments on the side when we could tell when someone committed. What happened to that. Andrebrooks: Do you remember back before the site rebranded, and we had the comments on the side when we could tell when someone committed. They got rid of it. Which I don't like that they did. Well to bef I go chow. Quoting washingtonian They got rid of it. Ok thanks Wahi. You enjoy your meal I guess. All the 00z runs tonight have been farther east with the system. Quoting Drakoen: If pictures of a cold rain mixed with snow are okay with you.

At least it's "weather", and you can hope for a little more wetbulbing than what the models are showing now. I'm too far south to have gotten any of the unusual thunderstorms that developed this afternoon and that's going to be pretty much it for me until Friday. Some cold rain mixed with snow would be quite something down here.

I've just read back over the recent posts and it seems like hurricane season model flipping depression has set in. It still seems like the dynamics are going to be there for a big time snowstorm over some of the most densely populated areas of the country. I don't know if it will turn out to be historic but, if that forecast never got started, this would still be quite a winter storm, something people have been waiting for since November.

Since I don't have a dog in this fight, the whole evolution of this storm is going to be really interesting to watch regardless of how much snow finally comes out of it. Front is stuck just to our North. Not verify, but at the very least we can corroborate it. KoritheMan: Not verify, but at the very least we can corroborate it.

Astrometeor: Corroborate? I corroborate it. I'm all for waving my magic wand for Louisiana to get a hurricane, or at least somewhere close enough to make chasing an easy feat. New York City and the Tri-State area will get a huge snowfall out of this. A little bit east and "uh-oh..

Reverse Dictionary

Not much snow for NYC! NYC will be buried under three feet! And hasn't the NAM improved a lot, or so I have heard? Many media outlets still stick primarily to the GFS but it often misses important factors only to coincide with the Euro at the very last minute. But if you want near-record snowfall for the NYC metro area and coastal zones from central Jersey northward through Boston, I doubt that you will be disappointed. It may not add up to 36" for Central Park but even that is not out of the question.

Let the outlier models do their thing and just relax and watch the show as it unfolds, is my advice, FWIW. Yeah, that "chasing" luster goes away purty fast. But yeah, chase away, bro. NWS still forecasting 25"" of snow for Central Park. Patrap: Yeah, that luster goes away purty fast.

Money and actual storm opportunities are the problem though, lol. Idk what it is though, maybe it is just me, but the GFS does tend to have a poleward and eastward bias, whereas the Euro tends to have a westward bias. I would just draw a line down the middle and get a consensus there. A lot of it could have to do with the differences in the spectral resolution, grid and line spacing between the 2 models. Other than that when in doubt go with human forecasting. I'll go with low center passing miles east of Montaulk, NY. And that during this 2 month trend as a LOW and even a strong front interacted with the ml-d inner most AOI how small LOWs formed off Cali's coast other weather trends changed throughout the compasses 4 corners, but that i've posted on my blog, ml-d reset PAGE.

Lets see what happens with the low over Baja, Ca. GTstormChaserCaleb: We'll probably be singing that tune again during hurricane season. Splitting the difference is almost always preferred unless you have a definitive reason not to. In all seriousness, no.

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Forecasts can be corroborated via other forecasts. If we have five forecasts from different people each saying the same general thing, there's probably a reason for it. Good forecasters don't use that as an excuse to get lazy with their own forecasts, though. We have standards. Yeah, good luck with dat, as we have Physics and Science to tell us we're all in deep doo-doo climate wise, but hey, we got U. Senators saying, is cool Bro, Drill and Burn, we have tons to learn.

Another perspective using a ratio. Huge storm Mitchell was all a hoax. Astrometeor: Thoughts? Pretty blues. Drakoen: Front is stuck just to our North. I thought you lived in Ohio. TornadoX: I thought you lived in Ohio. I moved. I've never lived in Ohio but pretty close! Drakoen: I moved.

Once the starts transferring more energy to the coast that will allow the front to sink farther south. Geaux Sneaux!! I would feel better about it if we could get maybe an inch before dawn in Brooklyn. Post subject to sarcasm. Read at your own risk. Its looks like snow. For central Pennsylvania What else? Is it an optical illusion or something? Hey Nathan :P. The disturbance is reported as moving west southwest at 11 knots. Dvorak Intensity: T1. Environmental conditions are conductive for further intensification on Monday and Tuesday experiencing an efficient low levels inflows on the both sides, a weak to moderate vertical wind shear and a good divergence eastward under the upper level ridge.

This low is expected to slowly shift west southwestwards under the steering influence of the low-mid levels subtropical ridge and to turn southwards then south eastwards towards a weakness in the subtropical belt. On Wednesday, the gradual westerly vertical wind shear increase should limit the development. Another low should deepen more western within the monsoon trough during the next days and high levels respective influences one to the other one induced vertical wind shear remain difficult to qualify by that time. Current intensity does not justify issuance of regular warnings. At about midnight a friend from the Ney York area sent an unconfirmed report that they had about 24inches of snow in their area.

Meanwhile the weather forecasts for Britain as of the next few days are for a prolonged very cold spell into February. About KPH. Heavy rain in C FL this morning. Wasn't expecting this at all. Headline on Foxnews this morning. Good morning. GFS with another snowstorm in hrs for NE. I've gotten 0. Tampa International last I looked was at.

I didn't know it was supposed to rain today. Snowfall rates of 2 to 4 inches per hour expected late tonight into Tuesday morning. Many roads may become impassable. Good morning all. Got my flashlight, my snow shovel, some canned food, a few bottles of single malt scotch, and a good woman. Snowing here at Silver Spring with a temperature around 32 Degrees. Good morning over there, especially in the northeast. Here a glimpse into history. I hope it won't be as bad! From March 11th to 15ththe city was buried underneath a fifty-inch blanket of snow.

The Great White Hurricane, as it came to be known, disabled transportation and telegraph communication from the Chesapeake Bay to Montreal. Huge, "modern" cites suddenly found themselves cut off from the rest of the world. Center of the storm entering South Carolina :. System looks much more moist than previously advertised. TylerStanfield: Post subject to sarcasm. Hey Nathan :P I dislike sarcasm at times like this. I had been wondering about State College's forecast totals. Their advisory information had said, "" through Sunday night into Monday morning, significant accumulations after.

Very disappointing, to say the least. It is the second time in three days, Saturday was supposed to be kinda nice as well. Edit: I'm really exhausted, no sleep. Edited for errors. Astrometeor: I dislike sarcasm at times like this. Many college students make the mistake of not getting enough sleep.

You will retain what you learned much better if you don't fall into this trap. We've gone over to snow in DC metro.

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  7. Not expecting much today, perhaps an inch and little road accumulation. Not nearly as bad as it looked two days ago. Tonight to me looks like a little more snow and a freeze up and a rough morning commute tomorrow. Taken from Americanwx forum. Like I said yesterday, this is a nowcast situation. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

    Buying Options Quoting Drakoen: We won't be getting any snow here in DC A current look at the mb temps and pressure contours Well, you should at least stand a chance at some convection then, so that'll give you something to look at. This system still has some surprises for us, I just don't want to guess where they will be.