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Other archive sites are listed on the U. Department of State Archive Websites page. Continue to the New State. Skip to content State Department Home. Anti-Corruption and Transparency. Arms Control and Nonproliferation. Climate and Environment. Combating Drugs and Crime. Countering Terrorism. Cyber Issues. Economic Prosperity and Trade Policy. Global Health. Global Women's Issues.

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The Ocean and Polar Affairs. Refugee and Humanitarian Assistance. Science, Technology, and Innovation. Treaties and International Agreements. Mission About the U. Department of State. Professional Ethos. Joint Strategic Plan. Foreign Affairs Manual and Handbook. Department of State by State Map. Leadership The Secretary of State. Deputy Secretary of State. Executive Secretariat. Counselor of the Department. Administrative Department Reports. Agency Financial Reports. Form Finder. Workers building a new terminal at Dubai International Airport went on strike in sympathy. A strike by foreign workers took place in October Many were arrested, but almost all of them were released some days later.

In the past, the UAE government has denied any kind of labor injustices and has stated that the accusations by Human Rights Watch were misguided. The strikes and negative media attention provided exposure of this regional problem and in the UAE government decreed and implemented a "midday break" during summer for construction companies, ensuring laborers were provided several hours to escape the summer heat.

Illegal visa overstayers were assured amnesty and even repatriated to their home countries at the expense of friends, embassies or charities. In July , a video was uploaded onto YouTube, which depicted a local driver hitting an expatriate worker, following a road related incident. Using part of his head gear , the local driver whips the expatriate and also pushes him around, before other passers-by intervene.

A few days later, Dubai Police announced that both, the local driver and the person who filmed the video, have been arrested. It was also revealed that the local driver was a senior UAE government official, although the exact government department is not known. In November , there was another incident involving an American broadcast professional whom after obtaining a business license from the UAE government, started an Internet music station but his ex Emirati manager used his status and connections to not only block the American website and stream, but to submit a false report to the authorities, have the American citizen arrested, jailed for 10 days, and have his passport taken away for 10 months without ever charging him.

The American citizen found a way to escape Dubai and after a perilous journey in August , safely made it back to the U. Labor laws generally favor the employer and are less focused on the rights of employees. The Ministry of Labor is criticized for loosely enforcing these laws, most notably late or no wage or overtime payment for both blue collar and white collar employees. According to the Ansar Burney Trust ABT , an illegal sex industry thrives in the emirates, where a large number of the workers are victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, especially in Dubai.

This complements the tourism and hospitality industry, a major part of Dubai's economy. Prostitution, though illegal by law, is conspicuously present in the emirate because of an economy that is largely based on tourism and trade. There is a high demand for women from Europe and Asia.

According to the World Sex Guide , a website catering to sex tourists , Eastern European and Ethiopian women are the most common prostitutes, while Eastern European prostitutes are part of a well-organized trans-Oceanic prostitution network. The UAE government enshrines conservative values in its constitution and therefore has adopted significant measures to combat this regional problem.

The government of the UAE has worked with law enforcement officials to build capacity and awareness through holding training workshops and implementing monitoring systems to report human rights violations. Despite this, the system led to registration of only ten human-trafficking related cases in and half as many penalized convictions. Businesses participating in exploiting women and conducting illegal activities have licenses revoked and operations are forced to close. In , after just one year, the efforts led to prosecution of prostitution cases rose by 30 percent. A year later, an annual report on the UAE's progress on human trafficking measures was issues and campaigns to raise public awareness of the issue are also planned.

The state has signed numerous bilateral agreements meant to regulate the labor being sent abroad by ensuring transactions are conducted by labor ministries and not profiting recruitment agencies. A HBO documentary accuses UAE citizens of illegally using child jockeys in camel racing, where they are subjected also to physical and sexual abuse. Anti-Slavery International has documented similar allegations. The practice is officially banned in the UAE since the year Sheikh Hamdan said all owners of camel racing stables would be responsible for returning children under 15 to their home countries.

He also announced the introduction of a series of penalties for those breaking the new rules. For a first offense, a fine of 20, AED was to be imposed. For a second offense, the offender would be banned from participating in camel races for a period of a year, while for third and subsequent offense, terms of imprisonment would be imposed. The Ansar Burney Trust, [] which was featured heavily in the HBO documentary, announced in that the government of the UAE began actively enforcing a ban on child camel jockeys, and that the issue "may finally be resolved". Services offered include counseling, schooling, recreational facilities, psychological support and shelter.

Mainly women and children receive assistance and in certain cases are even repatriated to their home countries. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United Arab Emirates. Human rights. Federal Supreme Council. President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Federal National Council. Speaker: Amal Al Qubaisi. Recent elections Parliamentary: Foreign relations. Related topics. National symbols Flag Emblem Anthem. Emirates Rulers. Other countries Atlas. This section may contain an excessive number of citations.

Please consider removing references to unnecessary or disreputable sources , merging citations where possible, or, if necessary, flagging the content for deletion. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Freedom of religion in the United Arab Emirates. See also: Kafala system. Main article: Child camel jockeys. United Arab Emirates portal. Arab Organisation for Human Rights. November Retrieved 27 October Retrieved 17 June The Guardian.

Human Rights Watch. August Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for Jeffrey T. US Department of State. Sharia Islamic law courts, which adjudicate criminal and family law, have the option of imposing flogging as punishment for adultery, prostitution, consensual premarital sex, pregnancy outside marriage, defamation of character, and drug or alcohol abuse. Human Rights Voices. World Corporal Punishment Research. The National.

In the UAE, only verbal abuse pertaining to the sexual honour of a person would be tried under Sharia. For guilt to be proven, the attack must have been made in public and one reliable witness must testify. If convicted, a person would be sentenced to 80 lashes and would never be accepted as a valid witness in a Sharia-based case. Archived from the original on 6 October Gulf Daily News. Gulf News. Khaleej Times. KA, 19, Emirati, was sentenced to six months in prison.

Her would-be husband, AM, Omani, was sentenced to lashes and one year in prison. In June, in the Emirate of Fujairah, a Shari'a Islamic court imposed a sentence of death by stoning on Shahin 'Abdul Rahman, a Bangladeshi national, after convicting him of adultery with Asma Bikham Bijam, a migrant domestic worker, who was sentenced to receive a flogging of lashes and to be imprisoned for one year.

Emirates A Filipina housemaid will be lashed times on charges of stealing her employer in Fujairah after he discovered her pregnancy from an illegitimate relationship. At that point, she was facing a penalty for extramarital sex, which is lashes and a minimum of three years in prison.

Observation (CEACR) - adopted 2002, published 91st ILC session (2003)

March January May The younger brother admitted illegally consuming alcohol and was sentenced to 80 lashes — a punishment prescribed under Sharia. Archived from the original on 23 September As well as the jail term for rape, the Supreme Court also ordered that the defendants be given 80 lashes for drinking alcohol.

The court cleared the man of the drug charge, but sentenced him to one month in prison for reckless driving and 80 lashes for drinking alcohol. As well as the jail term he was also fined Dhs10, for reckless driving and will receive 80 lashes for drinking alcohol. The expatriate father had won custody of his children during a previous court case in Ajman although it sentenced him to 80 lashes for drinking alcohol. The judge ordered that the Arab man, who is a Muslim, be lashed as a forensic report confirmed there was alcohol in his system, despite his denial.

The 80 lashes were handed out according to Sharia law. Defendant to get 80 lashes before execution for having alcohol. Charges and Penalties against Domestic Workers".

Section 1. Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom from:

Under the same law, premarital sex is punishable by lashes. Amnesty International. Arab Law Quarterly, Vol. Facts as drug trafficking, homosexual behaviour, and apostasy are liable to capital punishment. How the Gulf Arab greeting has evolved". Mail Online. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Archived from the original on 25 May Arab Law Quarterly. The Independent. International Business Times. Yahoo News. Arabian Business.

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  8. Punishments include flogging, amputation, and — as retaliation — injury similar to that for which the offender has been convicted of inflicting on the victim. In February an Indonesian woman convicted of adultery by the Shari'a court in the Emirate of Fujairah, was sentenced to death by stoning after she purportedly insisted on such punishment. The sentence was commuted on appeal to 1 year in prison, followed by deportation. In June , the Shari'a court in Fujairah sentenced three Omani nationals convicted of robbery to have their right hands amputated.

    The Fujairah prosecutor's office instead commuted the sentence to a term of imprisonment. London, UK.

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