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Rose supports the emotional heart, making it easier to soften the images we may not want to hold on to. Rosemary the herb of remembrance, and one that can be used as a catalyst to support cognitive function.

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One of the biggest struggles of tapping into our dreams and subconsciousness is remembering them! Using herbs that support healthy brain function can be helpful when exploring our dreams and their meanings. Lemon balm has been used for its brightening and soothing qualities since the Middle Ages. Hops offer support of a deep, restful sleep, allowing us to complete deep sleep cycles, which is where some of the most profound dreaming happens. They are fast acting as they soothe tension and enable us to enter the dream word blissfully. All of these herbs make an excellent salve or dream balm and are lovely taken in tincture form as a tea or in the bath.

Hops are one that is usually quite bitter in tea, and often better in tincture form. Other practices have included putting herbs like yarrow and mugwort underneath your pillow to encourage vivid dreams, hanging lavender and rose above your bed to guide safe and calm dreaming and creating bedtime routines that include herbs to support dreaming.

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All explorations of dreams should include writing them down if you can. Try to keep a journal next to your bed so you can easily jot down thoughts in the morning before they slip back into the realm of the unconscious and you go about your day. Try our Hit the Hay formula for a fast acting blend of herbs that support occasional sleeplessness and to relieve tension at the end of the day. Let us know how to get in touch, and we'll share what we're up to: simple tips and recipes to bring herbs into your life, research updates on powerful medicinals, and beautiful images of weeds that rewild the world.

It came about at noon, that Elijah mocked them and said, "Call out with a loud voice, for he is a god; either he is occupied or gone aside, or is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and needs to be awakened. Behold, it is overlaid with gold and silver, And there is no breath at all inside it. All rights reserved.

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Wild Nights: How Taming Sleep Created Our Restless World

Be Wise! Future Rejoicing In God revival Reviving. Sharae Deckard. According to Jason W. Like universal access to clean drinking water, which has been enclosed through pollution and privatization and monetized as a bottled commodity, the creation of insomniac conditions has enabled the creation of scarcity in relation to sleep. Sleep—or at least a chemically modified state approximating it—can be purchased from the same pharmaceutical companies researching stimulants to end sleep.

Use of non-benzodiazepine hypnotics has soared in proportion to ongoing forms of dispossession and social ruin; in alone, over fifty million Americans were prescribed zolpidem Ambien and eszopiclone Lunesta Crary , loc. Not only do long-term prescription users find that they have to take higher and higher dosages due to drug resistance, but a recent study in the British Medical Journal found that patients dependent on prescription sleep aids were nearly five times as likely as non-users to die in a period of two to three years, though the risk was increased even for those taking fewer than 20 pills a year; researchers also discovered a sharp increase of cancer rates amongst heavy users of prescription sleep aids.

However, while compelling in his analysis of post-fordist society, Crary is less attentive to the unevenness of development between capitalist cores and peripheries and the ways in which differential conditions of labor, exploitation, and technological access might affect the time-space sensorium of sleep and temporality.


For these sleepless orexins, traditional hypnotics like zolpidem no longer work; they have become resistant to pharmaceutical remedies, and remain conscious for months or even years, imprisoned in an unrelenting vigilance. The first person narrator, Trish Edgewater, is a campaigner with a legendary ability to solicit transfusions from reluctant donors by evoking the emotive death of her own sister, Dori, from terminal insomnia. Trish is wracked with guilt over her manipulation of donors, a mining of emotion equivalent to the mining of dreamers, and worries that a transactional logic has subsumed all her interpersonal relations.

Her anxiety intensifies after she discovers an infant, Baby A, whose purity of sleep can cure any orexin. They alter the public psyche. They turn people into dependent victims and blunt the edges of political resistance. NGOs form a sort of buffer between the sarkar and public. Between Empire and its subjects.

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  8. They have become the arbitrators, the interpreters, the facilitators. In the long run, NGOs are accountable to their funders, not to the people they work among. Nothing illustrates this more poignantly than the phenomenon of the U. In order make sure their funding is not jeopardized and that the governments of the countries they work in will allow them to function, NGOs have to present their work in a shallow framework, more or less shorn of a political or historical context.

    Roy , n. The global boom in funded NGOS correlates to the application of structural adjustment policies throughout the Global South from the s onwards; as peripheral states were eviscerated according to the demands of the IMF, World Bank and US-led capital, NGOs funded by the same agencies moved into the very areas abdicated by the state. In Sleep Donation, NGO-ization and the boom of the non-profit industrial complex around sleep correlates to the outsourcing of US state functions, particularly those of health care, after the financial crisis and banking bailout.

    Now who is the donor, the done? Are they a match?

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    Will their transfusion be a success? What songs are the corporations piping into her body? Russell a, loc. In the novella, the sleep crisis acts as affective corollary to the hollowing out of social structures under neoliberalism, both in its drive towards the production of sleepless consumers who buy without end, and through the privatization of new spheres of human subjectivity. Trish describes Dori as destroyed by wakefulness, trapped in a state of perpetual continuity which allows no release from individuation in which to disengage from constant sensation and metabolize the material of her days: I hated watching her go speechless under the conglomerate weight of so much unrelenting looking and thinking and listening and feeling, her mind worn thin by the sound of every cough and the plinking moisture of every raindrop, these noises exploding like grenades through her naked awareness—her mind crushed, in the end, by an avalanche of waking moments.

    Once sleep stopped melting time for Dori, she could not dig herself out.

    Tale 1: Of Slumber.

    She was buried under snowflakes, minutes to hours to months. The official cause of death was organ failure. We Americans are sitting in an electric chair that we engineered. Time itself will soon become an anachronism. Time, as our species has lived it on this planet, will cease to exist. Rusell a, loc. The sleep transfusions harvest human energy, drilling down to a vertical frontier of appropriation by transforming the immaterial stuff of dreams into a material commodity. In extracting world-blueprints from sleepers—with all their sense of alternate destiny—the Slumber Crops is effectively mining futurity, acting out the legendary impatience of finance capital, with its avoidance of fixed-capital investment and its insistence on short-term appropriation.

    The FEMA trailers of the Slumbers Crop evoke natural disasters exacerbated by climate vitality and state abandonment such as Hurricane Katrina, which disproportionately affected socio-economically disadvantaged populations. Securitization is another form of enclosure that transforms concepts, assets and geography into security concerns and in so doing, legitimates the occupation of previously non-capitalized spaces.

    Jelly-Schapiro , However, the novella also gestures beyond the crisis of the imperial nation- state to the global crisis of neoliberal capitalism. The fact that the Harkonnens sell sleep to their E.