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Estate find - unknown exact age and origin. We try to describe every item to the best of our ability and show the object from several angles with clear photos. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Shop by Category.

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  • Fantastic Hiroshige design, wonderful piece for the collector. Kambara is the most acclaimed of Hiroshige's works, it is considered a world-class masterpiece. Hiroshige depicts the snowy night in a village with three travelers, two moving toward the right and one towards the left. A splendid midnight snow scene, created mainly in a monotone of black-and-white.

    The figures, softly colored - the only colorful images in this beautiful, lonely scene.

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    Great choice for a collector. A lovely view from Hiroshige's Tokaido series, Hiroshige depicts the cliff of the pass at left and the strikingly beautiful Kiyomi Bay and its sailboats at the right.

    Station Shono, from The Fifty-three Stages of the Tokaido | Milwaukee Art Museum

    Snow covered Fuji rises near the center. A beautiful tranquil design from the Tokaido series and a collector's favorite. Wonderful, Hiroshige print depicting traveling sumo wrestlers near Tago Beach, crossing the Okitsu River. One wrestler sits atop a horse while four men struggle to carry the other in a palanquin. This is a fantastic image with the rock jutting out in the background and sail boats on the lake during a sunny day. Lovely Hiroshige image of this beautiful landscape scenery in the fall. Terrific, Hiroshige Hoeido Tokaido print depicting travelers and laborers at Fujieda.

    In the foreground, workers unload heavy packages from horses, while in the background an elderly traveler secures transport to the next station.

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    Lovely, simple print of typical life along the Tokaido road. A beautiful, Tokaido print showing the shallow river crossing near Shimada. In dry weather, the Oi was actually a stream and was quite easily crossed by the large parties traveling down the Tokaido road. This terrific Hiroshige print showing a daimyo party crossing the road and using the assistance of local servants to carry palanquins and parcels accompanying the daimyo party.

    A wonderful Hiroshige print and great opportunity to buy from Hiroshige's Hoeido Tokaido. A beautiful and desolate area along the Tokaido road. Hiroshige's lovely view showing a small party crossing the river which has expanded some from spring rains. An important station along the Tokaido Highway, this area leading to Kanaya, which was a small town that often accommodated travelers stranded during high water after rains.

    On the Tōkaidō, Japan’s Eastern Sea Road

    A fantastic Hiroshige landscape from his Hoeido Tokaido. In this print, travelers stop to inspect the Night-weeping Stone, a large boulder in the middle of the road. The boulder was rumored to lie in a spot where a pregnant woman was attacked and killed by bandits. Every night, the stone was said to weep out of sorrow for the woman. Travelers pass on their way up the steep slope and mountains rise in the distance - great design.

    The handscroll format allows you to enjoy the personal experience and real charm of travel Appreciating the handscroll as originally intended unroll about 80 cm of the scroll with your left hand and go through it while rolling it up with your right hand lets you view the individual works as serial pictures.

    Commentaries by a leading art historian in the field of ukiyo-e prints It comes with a concise and detailed commentaries with English original text by Sarah E. Thompson Curator for Japanese Prints, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston along with captions in Japanese and English, which is not only helpful for appreciating the essence of these masterpieces, but also has an academic value as a precious history resource and reference.

    Hiroshige produced some 20 Tokaido series, but the one that remains world-renowned as a masterpiece even today is the Hoeido Series, which was published first.