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Dion Fortune. Holographic Universe: An Introduction. Brahma Kumari Pari. Ancient and Modern Physics. Thomas E. God Does Play Dice with the Universe. Random Press. Alchemy: Ancient and Modern. Stanley Redgrove. The Cosmic Doctrine.

December 2012, Issue #164

Five Of Maxwell's Papers. James Clerk Maxwell. The Vortex Theory. The Teaching of Djwhal Khul: Ethereal mechanics. Tatiana Danina. Einstein Continued David D. The Main Occult Laws and Concepts. Consciousness and Cosmos. Olav Drageset. Newton's Philosophy of Nature. Krishna Bhatt. Alexis Karpouzos. The Teaching of Djwhal Khul: Thermodynamics.

Quantum Consciousness. Shantilal G. Scientific Gate to the Afterlife. Tadataka Kimura. Cosmic Man. Beinsa Douno. Cosmology in Vedanta - The Physics Correlation. C Radhakrishnan. The Cellular Cosmogony. Chandrasekhar and His Limit. Rumi and Modern Scientific Views.

Nezameddin Faghih. Etheric Vision and What It Reveals. A Student. It's not a creation, It's a Projection through Expression. Kaushik Chaudhary. Molecular Consciousness. Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. David Bertolacci. Relativity and Its Roots. Banesh Hoffmann. The Hidden Geometry of Life. Karen L. A Mirror Image of the Universe.

Samuel L. Sir James Hopwood Jeans. The Enigma of Creation and Destruction. Arijit Roy. The Big and the Small- Vol. The Many Phases of Matter. Daveed Guillermo. Theory of Heat. The Universe a Vast Electric Organism. George Woodward Warder. James Weir. Orest Bedrij. The Breath of Life. John Burroughs.

Tabibito The Traveler. Hideki Yukawa. Oliver Lodge. Essays on the Frontiers of Modern Astrophysics and Cosmology. Santhosh Mathew. Man Or Matter. Ernst Lehrs. Dolbear A. Atomic and Molecular Physics. Claude Cohen-Tannoudji. Fundamentals of Physics. Existence, as I Understand It. Kenneth V. Another Level of Reality. Larry Good. Six Lectures On Light. John Tyndall.

A Complete Story of Time. Deva Prakash Kalita. Lucien Poincare. The Life and Times of C. Tejan Kumar Basu. The Quest for Singularity. Salil Kumar Bhaduri. Kerry Kuehn. The First Being. Wafik A. Bruno Vogt. A Peep into Void. Durgatosh Pandey. Quantum Meditations 3. PD Allen. Practical Mental Influence. William Walker Atkinson. The Astral World. Cathy said that…it sounds just like a conversation that I would have with myself.

Cathy talked about was affirmations. Your brain is wired in such a way that when it hears a question, it starts searching for the answer. This was an amazing interview. Marie — great questions as always! I really enjoyed this interview. Very very juicy! I will definitely try the 5 steps! These fears definitely affect my ability to produce content consistently. However, when I dug a little deeper I began to realize that another major emotion is tied to that fear—guilt.

I feel guilty about wanting to be successful. I look at my mother and the people in my small town and see unhappiness, lack of motivation and drive. I often question who I am to think I deserve a better life. Thank you so much for this video, Marie. This is the same promise that has kept me where I am. The truth is that success HAS meant a certain level of alienation from others so if I hold onto to this, I might never move forward. Any other suggestions for how I can frame this?

The Phonological Loop

Alana you can use your current situation and surroundings to motivate you to do the work. Think about it. So you definitely have what it takes. Think about it, what would the world be like if Marie never decided to act on her dreams. Or Oprah, or Dr. You have something to contribute that can ultimately change the limiting beliefs of the people in your small town. Be the example that they need to see. Hi ladies, I find that my subconscous and conscious mind meet and agree or align together whn my back is against the wall and I have to let go of all resistance. Any thoughts?

Intution too kicks in under distress. I can only let go of beliefs when I have no other recourse. What about riding these thoughts as often as possible, and finding stellar examples of them in action or print :. Loved loved loved this interview with Dr Cathy. This is good stuff. And yes, dammit — yes. This was enlightening and wonderful. I just remembered some of the things I did before; meditation and list-making pulled me through. And Marie, this was where you guys have come in, today, to remind me of that. Thank you, dear Marie.

Thank you… this was perfect timing! Marie, this is a truly extraordinary video. Thank you for sharing. I see fears like this creeping up in my own life and in the lives of my life coaching clients. So even though I had a conscious goal to create a perfect wardrobe that fear really prevented me from going shopping and indulging too much in fashion. I hope this video resonates with others because it is truly a powerful tool that can help us get what we want. I also felt bad for other people in the group when someone would compliment me. I currently have no extra money to buy new clothes or beauty products.

I wonder if I did this to myself and continue to sabotage myself? Wow, Marie, Thank you for speaking to the fear of success. Thank you for asking us to share what may be holding us back. I am a late bloomer, just starting to take my desire for business success seriously. Maybe it has something to do with watching family members succumb to addictions. It is so scary — standing by while people who are supposed to protect you and guide you destroy themselves instead.

I want to break it. Joanne — I can so identify with your feelings here. Marie you are a never-ending stream of enlightenment. Each video as powerful if not more so than the previous. I thought my issues with self-confidence were my primary obstacle. So I got to work. Putting myself out there more. For it is in self-compassion and softness for ourselves where we find peace and inner confidence. Thank-you Marie and Dr. Cathy for providing these valuable steps to uncovering the fear, accepting it gently and moving forward in peace. Thanks, Marie and Catherine.

Love your video. Fantastic and enlightening info along the same lines as your discussion. This is one of your videos I am going to watch several times. I also love thinking about affirmations as reminders, which labels them as truths to remember rather than hopes to grab. Exactly Laura! Perfect way to put it. I loved this session! I have been battling this exact issue for quite some time. I realized that it stems from old limiting beliefs handed down from my parents. It has been a struggle to break those beliefs and carve my own path.

I just want to love for a living through music. I hope I can become a healthy role model, too. Thank you for these great insights! I really appreciate and love all you have to offer the world!!! And I believe you will. There are so many wonderful, inspiring stories above, and they are so helpful for me in realizing my own fears. I need to break it. I need to stop fearing the reaction my thoughts and words will elicit and just go for it. The rewards are WAY better than my discomfort.

Thank you all for your inspiration — you will all keep me on my best path, as I reprogram my subconscious and blow my business out of the water. The rewards ARE way better than the discomfort. My fear revolves around being responsible for the well being of not only clients but potential employees. I am starting the process described today to created a shift. Wow, what am amazing video. So much juicy, thought provoking stuff! Not the end of the world. Rinse, wash and repeat.

My fear is that success might not come. My business concept is so new that when I look for examples and mentors, I am coming up short. This only leads to further frustration and a seed of doubt that I am not shaking off very well. Ultimately, my fear of failure is keeping me from putting myself out there fully. Awesome episode! I can really put in place the actions needed to overcome some aspects of my fear of success. I have two facets that feel like they are out of my control. One is a fear of rejection and the other is fear of vulnerability.

Really that are kissing cousins within a fear of being visible. That if I am out there, where people can see me, and if I am successful, people will make fun of me, put me down and do mean things to me. These two fears rise out of my past experience and they are really powerful fears.

Thanks alison; an interesting after thought to my comment before I saw your reply. I was reading The Shadow Effect by Chopra and others and I came to see that my subconscious is telling me that it is afraid that if others say I am, I might really be inferior. I think what I can do is remind it, and find people who will help me remind it, that just because people try to humiliate me does not mean that we are inferior to those people.

I can also promise that I will limit how much time people who humiliate and are mean get to spend in my life to zero where possible and that I will always find a way to counter their opinions about me and my work. Thanks for your reply and for reminding me to follow the steps for fears that lie in areas where I have less control.

What about: I promise to not put my self-esteem in the hands judgements and opinions of others. Cathy — thank you for mentioning fear of rejection. Yes, being out there and vulnerable and fear of rejection go together. You are helping me see what to work on for me too. Thank you for having the courage to say it here. I think the need to feel like we belong is a primal need. I think the key is being clear to ourselves what belonging means and who we want to belong with. From there, I think, we can follow Dr. This video was by far one of my favorites! I absolutely loved hearing Cathy discuss this subject, she is just so brilliant.

Both of you are such a testiment as to what is possible for women in our society. Love you both! Loved this segment, thank you. Is there a way to suss that out? Hi Kathi, In my experience whenever I feel stuck in my life the answer is usually contained within the problem. Usually, I turn off all stimulation and take myself off to the woods and sit quietly. The fear usually stems from a belief that I made up about myself based on something that happened to me a long time ago in my childhood.

So, I explore my feelings and trace it back, uncover the disempowering belief, practice some acceptance and then choose something different. Hope this helps un-glue you. And the worst thing that would happen if THAT happened? As long as you can stand it. You can find it and download for free from my website which you can find by clicking my name above this comment. Ahhhh, yes I have been coming up against this fear of success for a while now and have used different techniques to work with it. I am really super psyched to try this one and really work WITH it, using the wisdom it is trying to tell me about.

Thank you!!! I have a successful art licensing business and I have the pleasure of working with some of the best manufacturers in the world. But on a personal level I have been holding my business growth back in the fear that the business will take over my life and free time. I love what you two had to say and share. What an amazing interview. She encourages us to not be scared of being scared. She fosters such a deep self-honesty and help in finding the strength from within.

I would LOVE to see more interviews with her!!!! I wake up, sit here with my coffee, and take notes every time. Thanks so much for sharing this valuable insight. So simple yet so profound and effective. Keep up the great work Marie. You inspire me. Freedom was also a non-negotiable for me.

Working through the conflict of conscious and subconscious is difficult and continual, but worth the results. What does it look like? This picture snaps me back when I see that the doubt, the conflict is creeping back. I literally was beginning to think I was crazy: Now knowing this I can actually move forward with understanding and gentleness. Any suggestions on what challenging questions I can ask this monster that would at least stump it so it can stop and think for a moment? Just recommended to someone else above. Fine, cool, I hear that. I just love what Dr.

Cathy has to say about interviewing your subconscious with genuine curiosity and compassion. I think I will conduct that interview with myself tonight and see what she has to say. I hope it is some juicy and enlightening information that will help me reach my goals of being rich, happy and hot!! Even when an opportunity comes along that could boost my income beyond the necessities and I take action, I tend to let something else fall off and end up in about the same spot. Definitely going to use the bonus to work through the other 4 steps! Yes and yes!! This is wonderful advice and a great way to break it down!

The biggest one for me is that it feels morally wrong to have more money than other people. I will definitely use this process to try to resolve this issue. Yes guys like this content…. Also… Kathy is a hottie! Loved her Earth tone accessories! As for the video… Great stuff! I will try that thought today… After my nap of course!

The issue you address today about reprogramming the subconscious mind to get what you want is exactly what I am now addressing in my own life. Thank you so much for providing timely and relevant information that keeps me in good spirits and leads me further down my path of personal growth, business expansion and self-love. Until then, have a phenomenal week! To me, this is the most succinct way of manifesting a beautiful future that the interwebs have to offer.. I love the organic nature of the show. I want to hear how the two of you converse. Like I say, the best examples are people that are appreciated much later or after their lifetimes.

Can anyone think of better examples for me? I hear your struggle around not being accepted and not fitting in. I wonder if this translates into wanting to be accepted and fitting in? In my experience, when I am coming from a place of wanting to be accepted my interactions tend to be fear based and my ego goes out of its way to prove the opposite.

It is only since I decided to teach what is deep in my heart that people have really responded to my work in the world. I just want to remind you Klara that you are never really alone — I am right here with you. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive. You will be so glad that you did. Oprah, the Dalai Lama, a great number of athletes, Michael Jackson, Madonna — the list could go on and on.

  • The Inner Consciousness,William Walker Atkinson ( Audio Book )?
  • Kicking for Success;
  • The Project Gutenberg eBook of Practical Mind-Reading, by William Walker Atkinson.!

Just look around to see who IS being appreciated, even just right now say. You can come up with 10 in a minute.

Mental Fascination (FULL Audiobook)

Is it true? No, because there ARE people who are appreciated at 60 and 40 and 30 and 20 and 5 and every other age. This is just enlightening for many people, specially for me received in the perfect time of manifestation, al my blessings.. My fear is not around success, but around something else easily confused with it. Anyway, my fear is around money. Of course I want to make more of it, but its about the investment in myself.

And earlier this year I had a dishonest woman who sold a program I could afford but took the money and ran essentially. Luckily in this case I was able to get most of the money back. This video comes in perfect timing because as of yesterday I chose to invest in myself and its really really scary by hiring a business coach. I know she will not take my money and not deliver. It feels different. It came easy to me to be with them and I never thought it was a talent or a gift.

I thought everyone could do it. I learn a lot from kids and its a blessing to teach them what I know by how I live my life. They will just know because I helped them to always remember. My fear of going on the path of being an entrepreneur is that I would be doing it alone. Well, I have been proven wrong on that account these last six months. I absolutely desire to work with my wise, subconscious mind for I know how powerful it is. Thank you for your practical suggestions and clear presentation. I look forward to starting today on developing a fabulous relationship with my power house subconscious mind and sharing your video with others.

The one thing that has helped me get over my fear of success is understanding that we are all here to serve. Our struggles are the exact things that sharpen us. I shared this on twitter the other day and I think it embodies how we should approach fear and blocks. Experience so you can show the way. How did you know I needed it?! Listen up subconsious, I hear you, I understand what you are saying and I really appreciate you looking out for me.

If successs means having an inconsistent pay cheques, sucking wind finacially, sacrificing travel, get out with friends and to stop seeing seeing necessities as luxuries. I will only fully commit myself to success in my business if I have the financial freedom to enjoy life fully. If this dose not ring true, I allow myself to find employment that will support this life I know I can achieve.

I will continue to produce work that amazes me and lets that passion for creating burn so brightly inside that it glows happy light from my aura. Wow, thank you for this insight! I have always had a fear of success in love and my dance career. I have always been scared that if I were to get everything I ever wanted, that I would not be capable of having it because I was not worth it.

But, now after a serious break up, my 30th birthday and interest in going back to school, I now feel in my heart that I am worthy and I am working on becoming friends with my subconscious so that we can accept everything that I have ever wanted into my life! This is totally me!!! I have always been afraid of the success I would encounter by starting my gluten free bakery and all of my freedom would be gone!

I want to start out small so I can decide if this is my passion or not, without all of the overhead and expenses that come with the commitment of a starting a bakery on my own. I am definitely going to tap into my subconcious and decide whether or not to make it happen. Most of all, I am going to stop listening to all of the negative and envision all of the important and positive reasons why I wanted to start in the first place! As usual, this video is head on. In general, I have plenty of great ideas and potential, but unfortunately, I require some push and pull from the universe to get to the action part of success.

After seeing this video, I realize that free time to be creative and have the opportunity to start my own side ventures has always been important to me. Instead of gently accepting this was the real reason behind my stress associated with being overworked, I was seeing this as my laziness or disinterest in my career field. Such a beautiful video! I can so relate to the subject. This discussion is such an awesome reminder to everyone.

Even before we can really use any of the other business tools and advice, this initial introspection, intention, and promise helps us have the compassion to let go and start the inertia of our true path. I have definitely been blocked by my fear of success over the years. Like Shauna, I was afraid of both losing freedom and being overwhelmed. I realized I had been taking conscious action without fully buying that it was possible for me to achieve what I was working towards. It set me up to run round in circles… no fun or fulfillment in that! I love being creative and entrepreneurial, having flexibility and freedom in my work schedule, encouraging and connecting with others, and bringing powerful tools to the world.

So many women get caught up in action, action, action without really honoring intention. You really drove home just how incredibly powerful the subconscious mind can be. I would just like to say that I love all of your episodes, but this one could not have come at a better time. I am not exactly sure where the fear of success is coming from. I loved the information presented here. I have had that same fear. Our mind is an amazing piece of our being to work with. The wisdom we have inside is incredible as well. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the printout also!

Whatever you believe must be aligned with your goals and dreams. Just remember you always have the power to choose to be free and to change your current circumstances whatever they are. This video is so great. But the longer I watched it the more I realized it was exactly what I was needing! I have been wanting to e-publish a few books.

There really should be nothing stopping me from pumping out some books! It took me almost a whole year to realize it. I laughed a lot reading you. You have a talent for writing. I am a Life Coach and I use the same techniques to create changes in my own life and in lives of my clients and I am consistently blown away by the results. We all deserve a life that is amazing and created with ease and grace.

This stuff is the tool to do that. I have feared success in the past and I only felt that wat because I had some habits of attending to my work and my life that caused overwhelm. Understanding the downside of perfectionism and why I think that things need to be perfect , developing systems and habits like mastering prioritizing that save my time and energy were the key for me to get happy again and allow the perks of success into my life.

I have been falling in love with simplicity in all its forms in last 6 monts and our subconscious limiting beliefs are actually very simple, only attending to our basic needs and desires. Hey, really great content ladies! You are both exemplary examples for many of us to follow. Thanks so much for sharing the insight today. Much needed and appreciated!!! Step 3 really stands out to me-Make and Keep a Promise.

Our subconscious is like a little girl or boy wise version of yourself and the Ego does need to be talked to and reassured. Again, Ladies. Thank you for the awesome inspiration of teaching in action. I am totally on board with the power of the subconscious mind but this gives some truly useful steps to follow about how we can tap into our highest potential. I totally love what you girls are doing! This is great. Thanks for this video and thanks everyone for sharing your processes.

Hi Marie, thank you I have had this issue my self, but I have been more so afraid of my talent and dreams rather then success. I guess Its the same thing, afraid of making it and of the freedom, they are all the same thing but in so many different ways you know..

Thank you very much for addressing these issues. I wish I could understand how to program the subconscious mind better. Anyway, thank you very much for sharing your experiences and your wisdom. It would be great to hear, or read, more about it. Any tips? This is something I am very familiar with in working with women through pregnancy, labor and birth…and in working with people with chronic pain.

Thank you for filling in the gaps. Thank you Marie! I also have a fear of success, more precisely, a fear of going for what I want in life. I think somewhere down the line, my subconscious learnt that it was vain to try to be beautiful by exercising and by self-care, and that you should just live with what you have.

Somewhere down the line, I forgot where the line was between vanity and not caring about myself at all, and so I constantly sacrifice my efforts by going down hill each time I go up. We all are important. I needed this so bad today! This job drains me, and I am not giving Jusani a chance to survive by believing that I need this job to continue on.

I need to jump ship and swim hard, maybe then I will see a positive change in my biz. Search her site. I plan to enact the five steps immediately on some current fears I have about taking my business in a new direction. I am so grateful to you and Cathy for shedding some light and providing practical ways I can work through this. Now, seriously … with my subconscious on board how can I NOT lose 40kg and really pursue my very ambitious dream which you helped me realise last week! First and foremost I have to say thank you so so so so much.

This topic is one that has been on my mind and has given me feelings in my stomach for a couple months now. I have been having this very same fear. I really loved the idea of looking for examples of people that have reached success and being able to affirm even more that success and balance are possible.

Thank You so much Marie and Dr. This is hardest for me. Most everything written about being a mom — especially moms of twins, like me — is centered on the overwhelm. I fear that growing my business could take me back to that. I LOVE the idea of interviewing the subconscious for insight vs.

Hey Aspen, I was reading this and just had to comment. One thing I remember about deciding to become a parent was being in awe as well as dismay about how I viewed it. So many ideas about what would be possible and impossible were filling up my brain-space. Well I was fortunate to find some powerful parents around me not long after that and they inspired me to keep looking and keep defining and fact-checking or rather dream-checking the possibility of parenting the way I wanted to.

So I started researching and creating a cache of awesome parents to look up and found some amazing examples. You might even be the one to inspire more parents of multiples to be RHH in your area and beyond. So do your research…internet, meet-up groups, even more randomly you can look to books and movies less likely because they were at least based on something real and could point you more in the direction to realizing your new possibilities.

Thanks Marie for presenting this topic and for inviting Dr. Cathy, and thanks Dr. Cathy for the clarification and amazing energy you emanate. I get that! I feel instantly illuminated and uplifted now! Ego is meant to manage the subconscious, and is NOT negative my view. What an awesome metaphor!! So excited now. This changes everything. I can totally relate! Marie, you know how to bring the content JUST when its needed! I am experiencing this right now!

I just relocated in SoCal after living in the Midwest most of my life. I realized that I fear change.

Thoreau, Emerson, and Transcendentalism

I almost teared up listening to Cathy because I know its my subconscious that is imprinting my reality and holding me back due to my fears. However, I was unaware of how to get past it so that I can move forward, be successful, and be happy in my own life! I am now ready to manifest my ideal life! Thank you SO much for this video! If I could hi-five you both I would! I think the fear of losing my freedom would is the biggest reason.

I think Marie is a great example of freedom and success. I have a few other friends who are free and successful. All my role-model examples of people who love their lives, their freedom, and live a very successful life. Oh, Marie…. I Love what Dr. Cathy had to say… and I guess I am scared, and fearful of the same things Shawna wrote in about…. Have you been following me?

I realized the why behind it, too. I still feel like a kid, waiting to be old enough to do what she wants. In school, I was always considered gifted and talented. At home, that translated to being a problem, a black sheep and a troublemaker. So, whenever the bar was raised, I tried not to shine too much — fulfilling the role my parents placed me in.

When I attempted to start my business, I asked for guidance from my dad, who knows a lot about starting and running businesses. The problem was, he wanted to see everything I did with this information. This video has helped me once and for all figure out what has truly been holding me back! Which means I have no value. Just like the tweetable states which I say all the time it shows in my finances and credit report. With this damaged financial state I have to take what I am given verses what I truly want and even need in some cases. I was just sitting here trying to figure out how to solve my cash flow issues and decided to watch the video to take a break from my circumstances.

You know, to get motivated and not focus on the negative. I feel so empowered now. Like I finally have the vehicle to take me and my children to the next level of success. Now I can really make that happen because I know and believe I am valued…. Thank you, Marie and Cathy. You are are both stellar examples for me of Rich, Happy, Hot women who are lovable, gracious, generous, and doing worthy work!

Read on:. For years I thought I had ADD, depression, extreme right brain-ism, early menopause, a total inability to focus, to follow through, you name it. What the heck was wrong with me? I was highly educated, with many brilliant ideas and opportunities, but at the last minute I would fumble everything. My fear of success was was about becoming unlovable. Even my own early successes were met with a raised eyebrow of disapproval.

To want success and wealth simply meant selling out. And, much more importantly, how do I neutralize it? All not very successfully. So I repressed my core feeling self, I discovered at age twenty-one at college. And I think I felt shame and guilt just for being. Wish me luck! The design and destiny was in the seed from creation, you dig?

You are good enough. In fact, you are great and wonderful as you are. Doing that alone, I believe, will give me a lot more of me working for me and the good I feel called to do in the world. When I humbly ask myself what I want…it is the to be an amazing Mother. Fighting in my business keeps me young, energetic, and poor of corse.

What specifically is scary? Losing the energy and endless dreams of youth. My promise to myself is that I will keep dreaming and building everything thats inside of me. Not even at 78 years old. I think this is one of the BEST questions that so many people need an answer to … SO thank you mucho for the fabulous video. About the promise … I feel if I made the promise to myself that I would not go after success if it meant more stress, and at times, less freedom, that I would have to break that promise because I feel great success does come with the sacrifice of time, especially in the beginning.

I realize we might all make our own promises that make sense for us, but that part just confused me because I felt it seemed unrealistic … as in, as soon as time does get tighter and life more frantic because you are working HARD to achieve a dream and a fantastic career, you would recall your promise and feel, well confused. My fear of success stems from not only the freedom aspect, but also from being afraid of not being able to handle it. Loved this episode! I have struggled with weight all my life and this really struck a chord with me. Cathy, Thanks for breaking it down into a clear 5 step process.

My fear is that success seems so very complicated and I am working hard to simply how I approach personal and professional challenges. Marie, Have you ever had a session focused on simplification? I honestly felt as though it spoke directly to me. I have a much better understanding now of what I fear and how I can work through that.

Thanks again, Cathy. In addition, I am afraid that all my hard work will for nothing. Tha no matter what I do I will not get to my end goal. I love this episode. At any rate, it seems I have stumbled across, over and through some of the steps Dr. Cathy, you are truly a blessing to see in action. It was awesome to have some affirmation towards the immense piece of ourselves that drives the majority of what we do….. I have found that all parts of us love us and all we have to do is listen — or interview them.

Marie you rock for sharing this part of your personal journey with all of us. I had a fear of being a mother and having a business and did the work. Fantastic… Here are my steps: 1 I recognize that the biggest fear holding me back from launching my business is fear of failure. I appreciate my subconscious for bringing this up, because it is trying to save me from acting rashly, or launching without having done my due diligence to ensure my future success.

Thanks, subconscious, for watching out for me! Marie Forleo. I know what you are saying when it come to editing and producing videos. Hang in there and keep on listening to that voice in your head…. LOVED this video! I literally told a friend just last week that my attachment to freedom is what makes me fear success. Given me what I need at just the right time. This has been a major stumbling block for me my entire life, keeping me from even starting on the road to success. I needed to learn how to deal with it — and along came your video.

Big thanks to Dr. Cathy too! Yes, I downloaded the pdf, will tackle it tomorrow. I stayed up after my bedtime reading all the comments. I love this! I want to be a successful medical writer. The absolute most important thing to me is the happiness of my family…my husband, son and daughter. I see so many motivational speakers, the very people who supposedly teach us how to get what we want out of life, are divorced.

Divorced from a long term marriage with kids. I want to make an impact on the world in my own way, but I would DIE if my family were not intact. I would DIE if my best friend and I divorced. I would DIE if my children ever felt they could not count on me to be there for them…. Just thinking about this makes me want to take down my website and cancel my client contracts…. Step 4!

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  7. Choose to make it big and still have your relationships, know and affirm that that will happen. I started my journey to health in January, but in April, I finally got my subconscious mind to align with my conscious mind. I got clear about my need to be healthier than my relatives who passed away from Type 2 Diabetes.

    I made a promise to myself that being healthy is the better reward for me, and the looks part is just a bonus. I look, feel, and perform sooo much better now, thanks to this thought process. Watching this video now just reinforced what my whole health journey has been about, and made me realize that I can apply this to my business life. I wish I had figured this out sooner, but — one thing at a time, right? This video rocks, thanks Marie! This is the most helpful episode I have ever watched.

    I am a school teacher, and often fear moving to higher ground in my career despite the fact that I can barely make ends meet with my salary. You have given me the courage to befriend my sub. Thanks too for the pdf!!!! Absolutely great information that everyone should use. Keep um coming, you never disappoint!!! This confirms that I am on track to help all families possible. Today is a great day for me. Kisses from Spain. Thanks for sharing gorgeous ladies! I was also afraid of success, but not only in business also in relationships.

    Cathy has created a wonderful step-by-step guide to work with — rather than against — your subconscious mind. The wisdom in my fear tells me that I need to stay open to life as it unfolds and not get bogged down and concreted into my plan. It also speaks strongly that, just like Shauna, Freedom is very important to me. And Love. And I need to keep space for that in my life.

    What an amazing episode! I cried as I watched, because it finally clicked for me! I now know why each time one of my projects reveals even a small amount of success, I abandon it and move on to the next idea. When I was younger, I decided I needed a writing retreat on an island. I packed up my supplies and had my dad drive me onto the ferry, then to the end of a dark dirt road. At the last minute, I had a sense of shock, a physical feeling of fear from my extremities to my trunk.

    Thoreau, Henry David | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

    I was worried about being out in the woods by myself — and I was afraid I would spend my two weeks in fear. It worked: I was able to be alone at night without allowing fictive specters to enter my mind. My fave part is this teaches you the path of less resistance. It reminds me that my personal connection to God as I understand him is my number priority and I think success will take away from my connection. This was a very insightful vlog!!

    My deepest fear has been what if I fail? It goes around in circles. What I have found was I just got in and started to hustle and get going and the little what ifs start to go away. For example: I prove to myself that a no out of 7 yeses for a guest post means I am succeeding. Giving yourself a limited time for moping and getting stuck also helps. I make it a goal to only think about something for 5 seconds before I take action.

    I feel you Rebecca I have similar fears myself I posted just now. Fear of success is my 1 problem in my business and life. My whole childhood, I was force-fed the most stupid lies about success. My calling on this Earth is to help others. However, as soon as I get a hint of success, I run the other way.

    But I digress… and I wanted to write to thank you for putting together this video. I have already experienced small successes as a result of reading the bonus guide daily since watching this video. Thank you thank you thank you. I loved this video, Marie, and hats off to Catherine for her 5 steps. A frail young man cried out to God after months in a hospital bed.

    • Marilyn and Her Monsters | Vanity Fair;
    • History of the United States I CLEP Quick Prep Sheet ( Quick Prep Series Book 8);
    • December , Issue #!
    • Atonement in April (Emily Sinclair Mystery Series Book 5);
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    Lukas had a turning point moment as feeling came back into his legs… He had to go through re-hab and learn to walk again. This Cape Town based resident then lost his wife to Cystic Fibroses and ending up on anti depressants and sleeping tablets and feeling very sorry for himself.

    Over weight and sick and tired the 1st of January his birth day was his turning point moment where he decided to put his dream into action by doing the 1st of many incredible events to follow. Thirteen of these events are World Records and all of them where an attempt to raise awareness and sponsorship for the GenX Youth Project.

    He has spoken to thousand of youth across the country about his story and then built the GenX Youth Centre where kids are taught life skills through various sport; such as Skate boarding, Roller Blading, Bmxing and Kids Boxing. What a wonderful video. Thank you Dr. Cathy and Marie for highlighting something that is so important in the development of not only a successful business but a successful life. Many time we lose sight of what is deep within us. Communicating with ourselves in a caring way allows the true soul to shine. Thank you for this information! It is also the reason so many of us choose to work for ourselves.

    Control, complete control! Any more on this subject will be greatly appreciated! I love that Marie is bringing the subconscious mind discussion to the forefront. Marie and Cathy are onto something big! I too figured out the power of reprogramming subconscious beliefs when I discovered a successful technique called Theta Healing. Sending love from Los Angeles!

    You girls ROCK!! Thank you so much,Marie and Cathy, for this rich video and Cecilia, for sharing your inspiring story! The video provides a step by step approach which seems easy to apply if you have one clear goal, but I seem to have a dozen conflicting? As soon as I focus on goal, the subconcious mind is worried about all the others; it makes the step by step approach a bit more complicated.

    In this case, what could I affirm to my subconcious mind to make it look beyond the fear and open for love and intimacy again? I have to laugh because I think this has been one of the elephants in the room for me. I still like it! I know you want to realize everything from your wildest, fantastic dreams to every funny little idea that pops in my head.

    I had an incredible soul-challenging week this week and it really knocked me down. After watching this vid, writing all the steps down and being a lot gentler on myself — already I have felt a huge lift of pressure.