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Simplified Chinese Translation. Wii Radiance. Latino Beta 3.

Latino Beta 3 Update 1. Project M Red Version. Project M Patt Edition. Project M: Theytah's Custom Build. Brawl- Zeus. Brawl Minus Mugen. Brawl Shock. Brawl - Battlefield Build. Project M: Tournament Hack Pack.

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Project M: Fully Dressed Edition. Project M: Justice Build. Red Version. Brawl Hack Pack. Project M: Sempai's Build.

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Project U: Blue Version. Brawl Legacy: Project M. Project Best. Project M: Psycho Ghost's Build. Ultra Project M. Project M: Ragnarok Edition.

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Project M: Calabrel's Custom Build. Brawl: Shadow Version. Brawl: Shock44's Custom Build. Brawl: DragonD's Texture Pack. Brawl: XChosen1's Texture Pack. Brawl: Water Block Edition. Project U: Ultra Version. Balanced Brawl. Brawl Minus. Brawl Plus. Project M 3. Ultimate Dark Phoenix: Tournament Edition.

Project M Wi-Fi. Brawl : YF06's Mod. Wii Five Spica Edition. Wii 4 Arcadia Another Ride. The Bros Adventure. Wii 8 Omega.

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Wii 9 Virtue: This Fall Darkness. Frozen Edition. Wii: Pain Coins. Wii: Falling Leaves. Wii - Other World. Wii: Yoshi Mode. Wii: Yoshi Mode - Classic Mode. Wii Hack Pack. Wii Dragon Coaster Frenzy. Wii Underground Maze. Wii: Antnee Level Pack. Wii U. Wii: Yoshi Mode Lite. Wii - Birthday Batch of Levels. Wii - Power Tower Pack. Wii - Kid Edition.

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Wii - The Next Levels 2. Wii - Lava Mod Pack. Wii - Quenry17's Level Pack. Wii Just a Little Adventure. Me Summer Special.

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Wii: Virtual Special. Wii 2: The Lost Levels. Wii Just A Little Adventure. Including modding API, curve-based gamestate, a new renderer and support for all operating systems. The original game use the modified version of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2's engine. A modification of tesseract so basically Cube 2 with better graphics and developed on github in a modern vcs.

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Word War vi is a retro-styled old school side scrolling shooter reminiscent of Defender or Scramble, with an "Emacs vs. Besides being playable on the development website, the game is available as a bookmarklet that lets it masquerade as a pop-up ad on most commercial websites. Perfect clone of 1. Liero 1.

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Network play only, designed as a programming game, but supports human controls. SMC is no longer under active development. The NFS3 implementation is almost done, the others semi-playable or not implemented yet.

Multiplayer Pac-Man where you control the ghosts.