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The sleepwalker is likely to be in such a deep state of sleep that they will not awaken. Turn the person towards the bedroom and walk nearby, trying to avoid physical contact as much as possible. Waking a Walker If you must wake the sleepwalker, you can do so by making a loud, sudden noise from a safe distance away.

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Staying out of close range will help prevent you from being hurt by the alarmed sleepwalker, who is likely to be extremely disoriented and may possibly feel attacked. If you or someone you know sleepwalks regularly, a visit to the doctor may help determine whether the sleepwalking is related to another medical condition.

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A doctor can also arm you with the best strategies on how to stop sleepwalking for good. Learn how to negotiate this tricky scenario.

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Nightmare was considered one of the deadliest enemies of the Sleepwalkers, the dream police. He was unable to influence them due to them not needing to sleep.

In a plan to change this he entered the mind of Sleepwalker's human host Rick. He used his mind to send Sleepwalker mad finally allowing him access to his peoples' minds. He sacrificed his way home to prevent the Nightmare from harming his people. Sleepwalker became a registered superhuman under the Initiative.

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A year or so later Sleepwalker came across Otto Octavius when he was inhabiting Peter Parker 's body. Otto was infected with a Fear Worm that feeds on its victim's psyche and gestates in their empty bodies, but was able to destroy it with the help of the Superior Spider-Man. As a member of the Initiative, he was temporarily recruited into the Avengers to help with the fight against the machinations of the Quiet Man [8]. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Plagiarism- Sleepwalker on Wikipedia. Contents [ show ]. CNC-selected high-density wood strips for the inserts and rail zones results in improved impact resistance and a predictable flex from opening day to spring slush.

The Sleepwalkers

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