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Relatively unknown during her life, the artist, filmmaker, and writer Kathleen Collins emerged on the literary scene in with the posthumous publication of the short stories A visceral story that you can see, taste, and feel. How could this happen? Roni Loren is a new favorite. How hard would you fight for the one you love? Taryn Landry was there that awful night fourteen years ago when Long Acre changed from the name of a town to the title From the best-selling novelist and memoirist: a deeply personal view of her discovery of the celebrated modern monk and thinker through his writings.

If Thomas Merton had been a monk and not a writer, we would nev A heart-breaking story about a Nigerian poultry farmer who sacrifices everything to win the woman he loves, by Man Booker Finalist and author of The Fishermen, Chigozie Obioma. The perfect thriller. When darkness closes in—he's your last, best hope.

Taken from a group home at age twelve, Evan Smoak was raised and trained as part of the A provocative new novel from bestselling author T. Boyle exploring the first scientific and recreational forays into LSD and its mind-altering possibilities In this stirring and insightful novel, T. Boyle takes us back to the s and to the early days of a drug whose effects have reverberated The year is , and "Nobody" Alice James is on a cross-country train, carrying a bullet wound Raising the literary bar to a new level, Jerome Charyn re-creates the voice of Theodore Roosevelt, the New York City police commissioner Laura Bickle, the critically acclaimed author of Nine of Stars and Witch Creek, returns with a fiery new chapter in her celebrated Wildlands series.

In the Yellowstone backcountry, a merciless source of evil carries a torch for the past…Petra Dee and her immortal husband, Gabe, have been trying to Aeham Ahmad was born a second-generation refugee—the son of a blind violinist and carpenter who recognized Aeham's tale From the novelist dubbed "the Korean Henning Mankell" The Guardian comes a fantastical crime novel set in an alternate Seoul where assassination guilds compete for market dominance. Perfect for fans of Han Kang and Patrick deWitt. Behind every assassination, there is an anonymous mastermind The long-awaited fifth volume--representing "the very summit of Proust's art" Slate --in the acclaimed Penguin translation of "the greatest literary work of the twentieth century" The New York Times.

Carol Clark's acclaimed translation of The Prisoner introduces a new generation of American readers Gods meddle in the fates of men, men play with the fates of gods, and a pretender must be cast down from the throne in this breathtaking first fantasy novel from Ann Leckie, New York Times bestselling author and winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Arthur C. Clarke Awards. For centuries, the kingdom of I loved it. When destiny calls, there's no fighting back.

Kihrin grew up in the slums of Quur, a thief and a minstrel's son raised on tales of long That would make your blood run cold. Jack Mabie claims to be the meanest man in Alaska, yet the old sourdough seems to be just one of the crusty geezers in every roadhouse bewildered by how his lawless frontier In the shifting sands of the desert, near an unnamed metropolis, there is an institute where various fellows come to undertake projects of great significance. But when our sort-of hero, Percy Frobisher, arrives, surrounded by the simulated environment of the glass-enclosed dome of the Institute, his The acclaimed author of A Replacement Life shifts between heartbreak and humor in this gorgeously told, recipe-filled memoir.

A family story, an immigrant story, a love story, and an epic meal, Savage Feast explores the challenges of navigating two cultures from an unusual angle. A revealing personal In Riversend, an isolated rural community afflicted by an endless drought, a young priest does the unthinkable Six friends.

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One killer. Who do you trust? On a scorching July night in , a group I told myself I'd just dip in; eleven hours later—it's now a. Finn, 1 New York Times bestselling author From legendary writer Amy Hempel, one of the most celebrated and original voices in American short fiction: a ravishing, sometimes heartbreaking new story collection—her first in over a decade. Amy Hempel is a master of the short story.

A multiple award winner, Hempel is highly regarded among writers That Albert Woodfox survived was, in itself, a feat of extraordinary Pinsker has shot like a star across the firmament with stories multiply nominated for awards as well as Sturgeon and Nebula award wins.

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  5. It Will Take a Lot of Us to Lift a Hippopotamus.
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The baker's dozen stories gathered here This is a book that loves its wounded characters and troubled places, and in so deeply loving, it finds a terrible truth and beauty where other writers wouldn't have found the courage to look. For fans of Hope Jahren, Helen MacDonald, and Cheryl Strayed, the gripping story of a biologist's journey from Washington State to high above the Arctic Circle -- traveling across remote and rugged terrain solely by human power -- to rediscover birds, the natural world, and her own love of science.

From New Yorker contributor and the Thurber Prize-winning author of Truth in Advertising comes a wry yet tenderhearted look at how one man's public fall from grace leads him back to his family, and back to the man he used to be. It's a story that Ted Grayson has reported time and time again in his From one of the most significant contemporary Japanese writers, a haunting, dazzling novel of loss and rebirth.

I was puzzled by how I had changed. But I could no longer go back Award-winning author Sylvain Neuvel explores an immigration dystopia in the not-too-distant future. Idir is sitting the British Citizenship Test.

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He wants his family to belong. Twenty-five questions to determine their fate. Twenty-five chances to impress. When the test takes an unexpected Chaos reigns in the wake of the collapse of Afghanistan's Soviet-backed government. In the rural, warlord-ruled south, a student is badly beaten at a checkpoint run by bandits. More than 40 years after his debut and nearly a decade since his last appearance, one of the most renowned characters in all of crime fiction is back on the case in this major new novella by Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Lawrence Block.

Well past retirement age and The year is The Iranian Revolution is just around the corner. In the northeastern city of Naishapur, a retired judge and his wife, BibiKhanoom, continue to run their ancient family orchard, growing apples, plums, peaches, and sour cherries. The days here are marked by long, elaborate lunches Dorothy Butler Gilliam, whose year-career as a journalist put her in the forefront of the fight for social justice, offers a comprehensive view of racial relations and the media in the U.

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Most civil rights victories are achieved behind the scenes, and this riveting, beautifully written memoir by An uncanny evocation of the not-so-distant past. In this one-of-a-kind retelling of Pride and Prejudice set in modern-day Pakistan, Alys Binat has sworn never to marry—until an encounter with one Mr. Darsee at a wedding makes her reconsider. A scandal and vicious rumor concerning the Binat family have destroyed their fortune and prospects Praised across Scandinavia as a "literary masterpiece," "spellbinding," and "magnificent," Unquiet reflects on six taped conversations the author had with her father at the very end of his life.

He is a renowned Swedish filmmaker and has a plan for everything. She is his daughter, the youngest of nine A man's quest to find answers for those who are haunted by the past leads him deeper into the shadows in this electrifying novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Promise Not to Tell. Quinton Zane is back. Jack Lancaster, consultant to the FBI, has always been drawn to the coldest of cold As a young mother facing a terminal diagnosis, Julie Yip-Williams began to write her story, a story like no other. What began as the chronicle of an imminent and early death became something much more—a powerful exhortation to the living.

That Julie Yip-Williams survived infancy was a miracle. Mona is twenty-six and cleans houses for a living An exceptional debut novel that explores the stifled, unspoken feelings of a music teacher and his former student, and the damage done by their years of silenceHermin, a composer and instructor, leads a secluded life near the Bourbonnais Mountains in France, composing an homage to Schubert. I haven't read such a powerful, moving story since I read To Kill a Mockingbird in high school Highly recommended! A tour-de-force about two women and the piano that inexorably ties their lives together through time and across continents, for better and for worse.

In , in the Soviet Union, eight-year-old Katya Flint was already a troubled city in when the state of Michigan—in the Mezrich's compassionate and Montgomery is a masterful storyteller. Following their adventures in The Bear and the Nightingale and The Girl in the Tower, Vasya and Morozko return in this stunning conclusion to the bestselling Winternight Trilogy, battling enemies mortal and magical to save both Russias, the seen and the unseen. What can a woman - a mere governess - do against the scourge of slavery? Elizabeth "Lizzie" Clouston's quietly held principles oppose those of the Southern Cause--but when forty thousand soldiers converge on the fields of Franklin, Tennessee, the war demands an answer.

The Carnton home, where she In a feminist fantasy epic, a revolutionary spell gives women the ability to control their own fertility—with consequences that rock their patriarchal society to its core. From the New York Times bestselling author of Reviving Ophelia, a guide to wisdom, authenticity, and bliss for women as they age.

Women growing older contend with ageism, misogyny, and loss. Yet as Mary Pipher shows, most older women are deeply happy and filled with gratitude for the gifts of life. One evening, eight Mennonite women climb into a hay loft to conduct a secret meeting. For the past two years, each of these women, and more than a A fascinating look at key thinkers throughout history who have shaped public perception of science and the role of authority. When does a scientific discovery become accepted fact?

Why have scientific facts become easy to deny? And what can we do about it? In The Workshop and the World, philosopher A singular memoir that tells the story of one unforgettable mother, her devoted daughter, and the life they lead in the Detroit numbers of the s and s.

In , the very same year that a In this bravura follow-up to the Pulitzer Prize, and National Book Award-winning 1 New York Times bestseller The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead brilliantly dramatizes another strand of American history through the story of two boys sentenced to a hellish reform school in Jim Crow-era Florida The husband-and-wife treasure-hunting team of Sam and Remi Fargo return in a new adventure as they search for an ancient scroll--which carries a deadly curse--in this thrilling addition to Clive Cussler's bestselling series.

In A. House, New York , anonymously. Thomas ] Sheckley, Robert. Mindswap body-swapping Sheen, Barbara. Shedevils: Stories. Shelhamer, Mary Theresa. The Purple Cloud Shiras, Wilmar. Thomas ] Short, Gertrude. Hecate's Cauldron edited collection of short stories Sibson, Francis h. Unthinkable Siddall, Sylvia M. The Crystal Ship Man travels to the future to discover a matriarchy; he attempts to overthrow it. Son of Man sex changes Simone, Cathrine. Blueheart Sinclair, Upton. The Millennium: A Comedy of the Year ; 3 volumes Horsemaster young adult; girl's coming of age Singleton, Jacqui.

Heartstone and Saber lesbian amazon romantic adventure Sizemore, Susan. Gates of Hell [bisexual] Laws of the Blood [bisexual vampires] Sky, Kathleen. Slater, Henry J. Ship of Destiny Slung, Michele. Also includes "Festival" by Eric McCormack, which was wierd but good -- and interesting in that you can't detect the protagonists' gender. Smith, Clark Ashton. Tall women maintain their domination by eating a special root; one man gets in on the root action.

Smith, Cordwainer alias for Dr. Paul Linebarger. I Capture the Castle Smith, Mrs. Gregory [Ann Eliza Brainerd[. The Undesirables dystopia Smith, Stephanie. Snow-Eyes Daw, YA. Other Nature Tor. Smith, Titus K. Turnabout s or s - body switch story; also made into a movie Smith, Wayland. The Machine Stops Smyth, Clifford. Sleep of Reason Sosnowski, David. Rapture a disease called angelism hits america Soukup, Martha.

The Road and the Hills A Cloud Over Water Handfasted not published until Spinrad, Norman. The Iron Dream Child of Fortune Time travel to Crete, a society of equality between men and women. Clair, Margaret. Pseudonym Idris Seabright. The Dancers of Noyo Stabenow, Dana. Gordon Stables? Blood of Kerensky series: incest etc. Lethal Heritage Blood Legacy Wild Card Run Berkley, Win, Lose, Draw Ace, Double Blind Ace, Stapledon, Olaf. Odd John Stapleford, Brian. A strange little book, in some ways very reminiscent of standard sexist tropes of insect-like matriarchies; some retrograde comparisons between the matriarchy and the depiction of the non-matriarchal society in which men are largely dominant; and a dynamic in which the matriarchal race is comprised of very beautiful queens with pheromones irresistible to human males.

On the other hand, this story avoids some of the more ridiculously sexist trademarks of similarly themed works. In some ways it was as if Steele was using the old sexist trope, and tinkering with it just slightly to make it somewhat more realistic from a feminist viewpoint. For instance, the female queen Anii is actually quite happy to maintain the "dominant" role in sex, and doesn't feel the desire to be submissive to her human male love Padrec ; Padrec, similarly, while unhappy about being, essentially, a sex slave, is nevertheless not that unhappy about it, and is unhappy mostly from the perspective of a free and individual human being, not from the perspective of thwarted masculinity.

In fact, the treatment of the sex slavery is handled quite interestingly: Anii constantly reminds herself that Padrec's reactions are more akin to those of another queen from her species being kept in captivity, and not like the reactions of the basically non-sentient males of her species. Steele wasn't quite as successful in treating the sexist plot realistically in terms of describing the female characters, who are all apparently nubile, beautiful young things.

Anii sees open-mouthed kissing as a submission gesture, for instance, but doesn't feel any need to be submissive herself; instead, she uses it as an obvious show of dominance over Padrec. Anii's reflections on human society may be nothing more than the alien perspective on preexisting sexism; but, in the absence of any critique by Padrec of sexism in his own culture, feel more like an imposed authorial perspective.

Fangs of Evil Shadow of the Fox Stein, Hank. Season of the Witch body-swapping Stein, Paul. Tarzan and the Amazons Superscope: children's books Stephens, Cleo. Dreams of Dawn. New York: Ballantine Books, Sterling, Bruce. Islands in the Net Holy Fire Stevens, Frances Francis? Claimed A World in Spell Stevermer, Caroline. The Serpent's Egg A College of Magics River Rats Stewart, Alex. Includes "Odd Attachment" by Iain M. Stine, Jean Marie. Season of the Witch Stirling, S. A little more sexually explicit than Lieber and more into bondage.

Interesting editorial comments from the author give a different spin sometimes to Cheon's actions and speech. Strickland, W. Sacrifice, or, The daughter of the sun: a prehistoric Arctic tragi-comedy for stage and cinematograph Alfred, London Stringer, Arthur. Sullivan, Jerome. Earthquake , ya earthquake disaster novel Sullivan, Sheila. The Calling of Bara Sullivan, Tricia.

Dreaming in Smoke Sussex, Lucy. Sutphen, Van Tassel. The Doomsman Sutton, Paralee Sweeten. A bizarre utopia, very Christian-oriented, very old-style utopia with a white heterosexual couple voyaging in a balloon to the perfect city. Amazon tribe has secret weapon; Nazis and Americans try to steal it. Extra-tall women rule the world; a normal man organizes a manly revolt.

Tan, Cecilia, editor. Includes Preface; "Technophile" by M. Phaiston; "Sending" by Ralph Greco, Jr. Tarkington, Booth. Anti-feminist sf; women in Atlantis take too much power and cause Atlantis' destruction. Tarr, Judith. The Fathergod Experiment Taylor, Lucy.

Adrift in the Boneyard Taylor, Sheila Ortiz. Desmodus matriarchal society of vampires Tenn, William. Mann and Mary C. Tabasko, pp. Written ; published Tennant, Emma. The Adventures of Robina by Herself Two Women of London Tenneshaw, S. Thomas, Sheree, editor. Anansi journal Tillyard, Aelfrida. Vampire Winter Tincker, Mary Agnes. Leftovers Traphagen, Katherine Ann.

Tucker, Arthur Wilson. Moss Tunzillo, Mary. Black Body Turner, George. The Dream City women have no political rights Unknown. Woman Dominant. Black women keep men in a zombie-like state; white men end up overthrowing the matriarchal system. Updike, John.

Feminist SFF & Utopia: Other Works of Interest (N-Z)

The Lizard's Tail van Greenaway, Peter. Sunwaifs Star Mother Sunstone Scrolls series The Dying Earth women enslave men The Dirdir [males and females with multiple sex organs] Shortlisted for Retrospective Tiptree Award. Steel Beach Herbert M. Meleager women have no political rights Vaughan, Richard. Two worlds -- one short on men, the other short on women -- meet and get together. Verseau, Dominique. Lost World Vinicoff, Eric. Maiden Flight Vines, Sherard.

Return, Belphegor! Fire Upon the Deep Marooned in Realtime Vivian, E. The Lady of the Terraces Woman Dominant matriarchal lost race Volk, Gordon. Metropolis Vonnegut, Kurt. Galapagos - W - Waitman, Katie. When she sets about… Meer. Running his own hotel, Mike Hunt has to struggle to make ends meet, so he turns Room 69 into a state-of-the-art sex chamber and… Meer.

Lisa's work takes her to Malta - where she finds that her new employer, Dr Landers, is a strict disciplinarian. He soundly canes… Meer. Witchfinder Jacob Crawley has the countryside around the Hampshire village of Fetworth held in a grip of terror, as rural… Meer. So begins Addicted, a no-holds-barred erotic tale by acclaimed author Ray Gordon. Gorgeous young housewife, Helen Hunter, has it… Meer. Sunnymead Holiday Camp is the ultimate haven of respectability and conservative values. However, sexual depravity lurks just under… Meer. Chimera eBooks. Alle artikelen van Chimera eBooks.

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