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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR was initiated with successful return of circulation. During transportation to the local hospital, the patient's course was complicated with an ictal event and airway compromise requiring emergency intubation.


Measures to reduce intracranial pressure ICP; i. A head CT scan revealed cerebral edema and a right subdural hematoma with midline shift Fig. He was admitted to the neurosurgical intensive care unit. At 12 midnight, he developed hypertension and tachycardia that was nonresponsive to medical therapy. At 1 am , the patient became hypotensive with subsequent pulseless electrical activity.

After repeated rounds of CPR on the patient, he was declared dead. Case 1.

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Axial CT scan of year-old boy with a large right subdural hematoma with midline shift due to a major blunt force head impact in football. A year-old male senior football player, following a play as a defensive back, stepped off the field and appeared dazed. As athletic trainers asked him questions from the concussion protocol, the patient became unresponsive.

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Emergency personnel were notified, and the patient was transferred to the local medical center. Neurological examination details are limited, but due to his unresponsive state an emergency craniectomy was performed. He was pronounced dead 3 days later. Following a short-yardage rushing touchdown, a year-old boy was injured during the subsequent play kickoff return in the fourth quarter.

He collapsed at midfield and then proceeded unassisted to the team's bench. The player was confronted by his father, but was unable to respond to questioning. Awaiting medical personnel, the patient lay down next to the bench and began to experience emesis.

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Emergency personnel arrived to find an unresponsive patient and intubation was attempted but was unsuccessful. After roughly 45 minutes, he was taken to the local hospital where an advanced airway was placed. The patient returned to play 1 year following that injury. A year-old boy told his teammates during a huddle that he felt dizzy. Shortly thereafter, he collapsed on the sidelines following an uneventful kickoff return.

Gary Clinton MS, AT/C, AT/L Sports Medicine Instructor Yelm HS WCTSMA President.

A year-old male linebacker was tackled as he reached the end zone for a 2-point conversion in the third quarter. After being tackled, he ran to the sidelines and subsequently collapsed. He was airlifted to a medical center where he was placed on artificial life support and subsequently pronounced dead 5 days later.

From to there were a total of 42 direct football fatalities. Of these 42 deaths, 29 were due to cranial injuries Table 1. Two players had experienced a previous intracranial hemorrhage—one 2 years prior and the other 1 month prior—but were cleared to play. However, this is the best available current information in the absence of a responsible governmental or central reporting agency tracking these events.

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Injury occurrence among football players of differing levels of flexibility by Steven M. The effect of half-time warm-up procedures upon injuries to high school varsity football players by Ken Howat. The effects of a modern football uniform on thermoregulation by John Lillington Ross, Jr. A descriptive study examining twenty years of football related injury research at the high school and college levels by Arlene Peters. Subject: Diving accidents.

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Main Author: Gabrielsen, M. Other Authors: McElhaney, James. O'Brien, Ronald F. Please wait Permissions Icon Permissions. Abstract After World War II, organized tackle football programs for boys younger than high school age grew enormously in popularity in the United States, prompting concerns from pediatricians and educators about the sport's physical and emotional health effects. Issue Section:. You do not currently have access to this article. Download all figures. Sign in.

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