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With 30 full colour cross-stitch patterns inspired by Ed Hardy's iconic tattoos, it's time to rock your needle and embroidery thread with a variety of skulls, hearts, butterflies, roses and bird tattoos. With patterns for every level of experience, it's time to get started on your first rocking cross-stitch project. This isn't your grandmother's cross-stitch. From pierced hearts to images of skulls and crossbones, Hardy's colourful, tattoo-inspired designs are perfect for stitchers looking for something bold and graphic.

Each pattern comes complete with a full-colour illustration of the original art, an illustration of the final product, and a full-colour pattern and key. He explains in clear detail how a well-thought-out, principled approach to learning is what separates success from failure. See similar items.

You can read in your computer, tablet, smartphone. We will do our best to solve the issue. This is not a physical book but a pdf Ebook. NEW — New, unread book. Condition Guidelines. PDF format is a popular format for e-books. E-Bay Policy. For decades, we've been told that positive thinking is the key to a happy, rich life.

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Every thought you think is creating your future, so choose positive thoughts and words about yourself and about Life. Choose to be at peace.

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This style manual offers practical advice on improving writing skills.

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Love Kills Slowly : 30 Cross-Stitch Patterns by Ed Hardy Licensing Staff (2010, Paperback)

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