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The Haunted House Mystery When Tom, Ricky, and their friend Ann visit an old house one more time before it's destroyed, they discover that someone, or something, is in the house. Diamonds in the Sky When Tom and Ricky decide to learn about airplanes, they end up taking the ride of their life. Related Products. Trailblazers Updated Edition.

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Diane goes on to study cardiology at university, where she strikes up a close friendship with Olivia, an assistant professor. Alison Anderson , Europa Editions, pages, paperback. It was a pleasure to spend time thinking through The Dollmaker : on the surface, the novel is about a maker and collector of dolls paying a surprise visit to a correspondent, but it also explores how lives lived beside each other can be as distant as parallel worlds.

Click here to read my review in full. The boutiques have given way to juice bars and therapists. The narrator spends much of her time at the Virtual Reality Store, reliving old memories. Transfer Window is a portrait of life derailed by illness and the knowledge that it will be cut short. Any ambitions she might have had must be abandoned. The optimism of her schooldays has given way to pain and tiredness. Her relationships with other people — her sense of how they see her — has changed:.

There is no one to disappoint, no one to burden. Everyone, who does anything for me, is paid one-hundred-and-fifty kroner an hour. No one has to call me up voluntarily, or come for a visit and get a bad conscience about all the things they cannot change. Transfer Window is a piercing novel which depicts a character slipping out of her old life in plain sight.

The suburb-hospice becomes a potent metaphor: a parallel world within the visible world, where lives play out to a different rhythm and outsiders can just walk on by. Transfer Window by Maria Gerhardt, tr. Lindy Falk van Rooyen , Nordisk Books, 92 pages, paperback. My reading for starts in Japan, with this collection of stories by Taeko Kono , all originally published in the s. They remind her of a pupa she once saw in science class.

Akiko dotes on little boys, however. Kono fills in the history of their friendship along the way, while the present-day journey grows ever more charged:. Nobody had ever lived in this half-finished house, Fukuko realized: such places have their own peculiar atmosphere, different from that of an old abandoned house. An abandoned house would be creepy and cold, too frightening to enter.

But this one almost seemed to taunt her with its own strange vitality. There was nothing hateful about it, but she felt an urge to scrawl graffiti on the broad doorframe of bare wood, or throw a wooden clog through an empty second-floor window. Toddler-Hunting and Other Stories , tr. Bell kicks Patches. Patches is a dog. Bell says there is hidden gold in his house. Ricky and Tom clean Mr. Chapter 4.

The Secret Staircase

In Chapter 4, Tom and Ricky leave Mr. They talk with their mother about Mr. Bell and is house. After reading, you can make changes. Bell has a grandson. Bell has a dog. There is gold hidden in Mr. Cleaning the Yard Pre, Post: Confirmation. In Chapter 5, Tom and Ricky go to Mr. There is a side door that leads to the kitchen. Tom and Ricky go in Mr. A man yells at Mr. Bell gives Steve some money. Chapter 6. In Chapter 6, Tom and Ricky go into the house to get some water. They find Mr. Bell laying on the floor. Bell is dead. Steve hit Mr. Tom and Ricky call for help. Bell is taken to his bedroom to rest.

Bell asks Tom and Ricky to get his keys. Chapter 7. Noises Pre: Maze. The maze below provides a preview of the chapter. Read with students. When the correct word is select for each, reread the paragraph until fluency is achieved. Tom and Ricky go to Mr.

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Tom put his [bike — bit — bat] key on the kitchen counter. Tom and Ricky [up - are — went] scared. Patches starts [sipping — barking — when]. Chapter 8. The Secrete Door Pre: Maze he maze below provides a preview of the chapter. Patches [runs - finds — went] the secret staircase. Tom and Ricky go up the secret staircase to [sit - get — rip] Patches.

There is a [map - man — from] in the secret room. Another Surprise Post: Cause and effect. Before reading, go through the chart to let students know that you will be looking for cause and effects.


After reading the chapter, identify the cause or effect of each of the following. Cause Effect Mr. Bell called officer Collins Mr. Bell can fix his house. Post: Inferring. After reading the chapter, use story clues to make the following inferences. Was Steven taken to jail in this chapter? Identify two clues. Steve was taken to jail. Clues 1. In this book, they find and old treasure map. They soon realize that is strange man is also looking for it. Cause Effect A man in a white hat wants the map. He steals the map b. He takes the chest. Wants to pay mom for the chest.

The man lost the map. The man was mad. Mom would not sell the man the map. Tom needed to ask permission. Tom called his mom. Tom needed help. Tom was worried about his mom.

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Tom and Ricky want to look for a. They will get on a ship. They will buy a shovel. Dad will take them to Bear Lake. Stone was looking for treasure. Stone was written on the map. Stone drew the map. Stone was in the dirty, green car. After reading they will need to decide which of the things listed occurred yes no The dirty, green car followed them to the Bear Lake Dad went fishing, Dad lost the map.

Tom and Ricky find the house that was on the map. Patches gets eaten by a bear. Hill Pre, Post: Confirmation. In Chapter 4, Tom and Ricky meet Mr. Hill lives in the big house. Hill was angry. Hill kicks Patches. Hill hits Tom Mr. Hill knows where the treasure it. Chapter 5. Hidden Treasure Pre, Post: Confirmation. In Chapter 5, Mr. Bell talks with Tom and Ricky. Hill would not let the boys dig. Hill used the treasure to buy the house. As a pre-reading strategy, go through the list of events. Then read the chapter. Then say: In Chapter 6, Tom puts the map in the car, but it is stolen.

The events below are out of order. After reading, use numbers to put them in the correct order. The first one has been done for you.

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When finished, re-read them in order to see if they make sense. Tom puts the map in the car. Before reading, review the characters in the vertical column. Then review the actions along the top. After reading, put an x in the column next to the actions done by each character. The Real A.

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  7. Stone Pre: Maze. Ricky and Tom ride [was - with - dog] Office Collins. They go [ten - up - to] Mr. Hill bought the [map - ram - rip] from the man in [at - the - run] dirty, green car. Hill [asked - sat - chill] the man to steal the map. Chapter 9 occurs a few days later.

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    After reading, make any necessary changes. Hill is really Mr. Stone Mr. Hill broke the law. The man in the white hat goes to jail. Hill goes to jail. Stone gets his map back. In this book, they see a falling star and go to see where it landed. They find that somebody is looking for it too.