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Arjun, the Shifting Flame. Ark of Blight. Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon Emblem. Arlinn's Wolf. Arlinn, Voice of the Pack. Armada Wurm. Armadillo Cloak. Armageddon Clock. Armament Corps. Armament Master. Armament of Nyx. Armed Response. Armillary Sphere. Armorcraft Judge. Armored Ascension. Armored Cancrix. Armored Galleon. Armored Griffin.

Armored Guardian. Armored Pegasus. Armored Skaab. Armored Transport. Armored Warhorse. Armored Whirl Turtle. Armored Wolf-Rider. Armorer Guildmage. Armor of Faith. Armor of Thorns. Armor Sliver. Armor Thrull. Armory Automaton. Armory Guard. Armory of Iroas. Arms Dealer. Army of Allah. Army of the Damned. Arnjlot's Ascent. Arrester's Admonition. Arrester's Zeal. Arrogant Bloodlord. Arrogant Vampire. Arrogant Wurm. Arrows of Justice.

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Arterial Flow. Artful Dodge. Artful Looter. Artful Maneuver. Artful Takedown. Artifact Blast. Artifact Mutation. Artifact Possession. Artifact Ward. Artificer's Assistant. Artificer's Epiphany. Artificer's Hex. Artificer's Intuition. Artificial Evolution. Artisan of Forms. Artisan of Kozilek. Artisan's Sorrow. Art Series: Answered Prayers. Art Series: Arcum's Astrolabe. Art Series: Bazaar Trademage. Art Series: Chillerpillar. Art Series: Dregscape Sliver. Art Series: Echo of Eons. Art Series: Endling. Art Series: Enduring Sliver. Art Series: Ephemerate.

Art Series: Everdream. Art Series: Excavating Anurid. Art Series: Face of Divinity. Art Series: First Sliver's Chosen. Art Series: Force of Despair. Art Series: Goblin Matron. Art Series: Headless Specter. Art Series: Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis. Art Series: Ingenious Infiltrator. Art Series: Lancer Sliver. Art Series: Lesser Masticore. Art Series: Lightning Skelemental. Art Series: Mind Rake. Art Series: Mirrodin Besieged. Art Series: Morophon, the Boundless. Art Series: Mox Tantalite. Art Series: Ninja of the New Moon. Art Series: Pashalik Mons. Art Series: Plague Engineer.

Art Series: Prismatic Vista. Art Series: Ranger-Captain of Eos. Art Series: Ravenous Giant. Art Series: Rebuild. Art Series: Scour All Possibilities. Art Series: Serra the Benevolent. Art Series: Silent Clearing. Art Series: Sisay, Weatherlight Captain. Art Series: Smoke Shroud. Art Series: Soulherder. Art Series: Spinehorn Minotaur. Art Series: Sword of Sinew and Steel. Art Series: Sword of Truth and Justice. Art Series: Throatseeker. Art Series: Throes of Chaos. Art Series: Umezawa's Charm. Art Series: Warteye Witch.

Art Series: Watcher for Tomorrow. Art Series: Waterlogged Grove. Art Series: Winds of Abandon. Art Series: Wrenn and Six. Art Series: Yawgmoth, Thran Physician. Art Series: Zhalfirin Decoy. Arvad the Cursed. Aryel, Knight of Windgrace. Ascendant Evincar. Ascended Lawmage. Ascending Aven. As Foretold. Asha's Favor. Ashaya, the Awoken World. Ash Barrens. Ashcloud Phoenix. Ashcoat Bear. Ashen Firebeast.

Ashen Ghoul. Ashen Powder. Ashen Rider. Ashen-Skin Zubera. Ashes of the Abhorrent. Ashes of the Fallen. Ashnod's Transmogrant. As Luck Would Have It. Asmira, Holy Avenger. Aspect of Gorgon. Aspect of Hydra. Aspect of Mongoose. Aspect of Wolf. Asphodel Wanderer. Aspiring Aeronaut. Assassin's Blade. Assassin's Strike. Assassin's Trophy. Assault Formation. Assault Griffin. Assault Strobe. Assault Suit. Assault Zeppelid. Assembled Alphas. Assemble the Legion. Assemble the Rank and Vile. Assembly Hall. Assert Authority. Ass Whuppin'. Astral Arena. Astral Cornucopia.

Astral Drift.

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Astral Slide. Astral Steel. Aswan Jaguar. Asylum Visitor. Atalya, Samite Master. Atarka Beastbreaker. Atarka Efreet. Atarka Monument. Atarka Pummeler. Atarka's Command. Atarka, World Render. Atemsis, All-Seeing. A Threat to Alara: Nicol Bolas. Athreos, God of Passage. Atinlay Igpay. Atraxa, Praetors' Voice. Attendant of Vraska. Attended Knight. Attune with Aether. Atzocan Archer. Atzocan Seer. Audacious Infiltrator. Audacious Thief. Auger Spree. Augmenting Automaton. Augur il-Vec.

Augur of Bolas. Augur of Skulls. Augury Adept. Auntie's Hovel. Auntie's Snitch. Aura Extraction. Aura Finesse. Aura Fracture. Aura Gnarlid. Auramancer's Guise. Aura Mutation. Aura of Dominion. Aura of Silence. Aura Shards. Auratouched Mage. Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice. Aurelia's Fury. Aurelia, the Warleader. Auriok Bladewarden. Auriok Champion. Auriok Edgewright. Auriok Glaivemaster. Auriok Replica. Auriok Salvagers. Auriok Siege Sled. Auriok Steelshaper. Auriok Sunchaser. Auriok Survivors. Auriok Transfixer. Auriok Windwalker. Aurochs Herd.

Aurora Champion. Aurora Eidolon. Aurora Griffin. Auspicious Ancestor. Austere Command. Authority of the Consuls. Autochthon Wurm. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Mit jedem Tropfen mehr, der aus View Product. Na dann lese mal Der letzte Gang: Erdgebunden.

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It was seen every hour in the actions of the men of that. It is not possible here to go much into detail in speaking of the great wealth of poetry to be found in Leaves of Grass. Perhaps it is best for the uninitiated reader to begin with the "Inscriptions," then turn to the section called "Calamus," Calamus being a sort of American grass which is used here to typify comradeship and love! Proceeding then, turn to the more simply tuneful summons of "Pioneers!

O Pioneers! Many of Whitman's most characteristic poems have necessarily been omitted from a volume like the present, intended for an average popular English audience—an audience which, be it confessed, from the actual experiment of the present editor, is apt to find much of Leaves of Grass as unintelli- gible as Sordello , not without a certain excuse haply in some instances. The method of selection adopted in preparing the volume has certainly not been scientific or very profoundly critical. The limitations of the average run of readers have been, as far as they could be surmised, the limitations of the book, and upon the head of that unaccountable class, who have in the past been guilty of not a few poets' and prophets' maltreatment, rest any odium the thorough-paced disciple of Walt Whitman may attach to the present venture.

The ceremony errant pack spade and aria

For those who wish to thoroughly apprehend the Leaves of Grass it will be necessary, let it be said at once, to study them in their complete forms, which is to be obtained in the edition of Messrs. Maurice Bucke, mentioned in these pages. The Specimen Days.

At last, in thinking on all that might have been said to aid the true apprehension of one of the few true books that have appeared in the present generation, these jottings of comment and sug- gestion seem, on looking over them, more or less futile and beyond the mark.

But it would be im- possible for any writer, and especially for a young writer, to speak at all finally and absolutely in dealing with a nature so unprecedented and so powerful. All that he can hope to do is to suggest and facilitate the means of approach. Else there is a great temptation to dwell upon many matters left untouched, and specially to enlarge with enthusiasm on certain of the poetic qualities of the book. Of Whitman's felicitous power of words at his best; of his noble symphonic movement in such poems as the heroic funeral-song on President Lincoln,—.

Apart from any mere literary qualities or excel- lences, what needs lastly to have all stress laid upon it, is the urgent, intimate, personal influence that Walt Whitman exerts upon those who approach him with sympathy and healthy feeling. There are very few books that have this fine appeal and stimulus; but once the personal magnetism of Walt Whitman has reached the heart, it will be found that his is a stimulus unlike any other in its natural power.

His influence is peculiarly individual, and therefore, from his unique way of relating the individual to the universal, peculiarly organic and potent for moral elevation. Add to this, that he is passionately contemporary, dealing always with the ordinary surroundings, facing directly the apparently unbeautiful and unheroic phenomena of the everyday life, and not asking his readers away into some airy outer-where of pain- ful return, and it will be found that the new seeing he gives is of immediate and constant effect, making perpetually for love and manliness and natural life.

With this seeing, indeed, the com- monest things, the most trifling actions, become. It is the younger hearts who will thrill to this new incitement,—the younger natures, who are putting forth strenuously into the war of human liberation. Older men and women have established their mental and spiritual environment; they work according to their wont. They, many of them, look with something of derision at this san- guine devotion to new ideals, and haply utter smiling protests against the deceptive charms of all things novel.

But if the ideals informing Leaves of Grass. Demand the copious and close companionship of men. Your horizon rises, I see it parting away for more. I see not America only, not only, Liberty's nation but. I see tremendous entrances and exits, new combinations,. I see that force advancing with irresistible power on the.

Your dreams, O years, how they penetrate through me! The perform'd America and Europe grow dim, retiring. The unperform'd, more gigantic that ever, advance,. Around the idea of thee the war revolving, With all its angry and vehement play of causes, With vast results to come for thrice a thousand years, These recitatives for thee,—my book and the war are. And that is the theme of War, the fortune of battles, The making of perfect soldiers. Bear forth to them folded my love, dear mariners, for. And so will some one when I am dead and gone write As if any man really knew aught of my life, Why even I myself I often think know little or nothing.

The pennant is flying aloft as she speeds she speeds so. Nationality, I leave in him revolt, O latent right of insurrection! And why should I not speak to you? I will put in my poems that with. States must be their religion, Otherwise there is just no real and permanent grandeur; Nor character nor life worthy the name without religion, Nor land nor man or woman without religion. These ostensible realities, politics, points? Your ambition or business whatever it may be?

Land of wheat, beef, pork! Land of the pastoral plains, the grass-fields of the world! Land of the eastern Chesapeake! Land of Ontario, Erie, Huron, Michigan! Land of the Old Thirteen! Massachusetts land! Vermont and Connecticut! Land of the ocean shores! Land of boatmen and sailors! Inextricable lands! The side by side! The great women's land! Far breath'd land! Arctic braced!

Mexican breez'd! The Pennsylvanian! O I at any rate include you all with perfect love! I cannot be discharged from you! O death! O for all that, I am yet of you unseen this. Must not Nature be persuaded many times? I harbinge glad and sublime, And for the past I pronounce what the air holds of the. See in arriere, the wigwam, the trail, the hunter's hut,. Presidents, emerge, drest in working dresses, See, lounging through the shops and fields of the States,. O a word to clear one's path ahead endlessly! O something ecstatic and undemonstrable! O music wild!

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  • O now I triumph—and you shall also; O hand in hand—O wholesome pleasure—O one more. O to haste firm holding—to haste, haste on with me. With the life-long love of comrades. By the manly love of comrades. I reserve, I will give of it, but only to them that love as I myself. How often I think neither I know, nor any man knows,. I am silent, I require nothing further, I cannot answer the question of appearances or that of. Christ the divine I see, The dear love of man for his comrade, the attraction of.

    Do you think it so easy to have me become your lover? Do you think the friendship me would be unalloy'd. Do you think I am trusty and faithful? Do you suppose yourself advancing on real ground. Have you no thought O dreamer that it may be all. Frost-mellow'd berries and Third-month twigs offer'd.

    Louisiana solitary in a wide in a wide flat space, Uttering joyous leaves all its life without a friend a lover. Only I will establish in the Mannahatta and in every. The splendours of the past day? Or the vaunted glory and growth of the great city. You friendly boatmen and mechanics! You twain! Then separate, as disembodied or another born, Ethereal, the last athletic reality, my consolation, I ascend, I float in the regions of your love O man, O sharer of my roving life. Be not too certain but I.

    You light that wraps me and all things in delicate. You paths worn in the irregular hollows by the roadsides! I believe you are latent with unseen existences, you are. You porches and entrances! You windows whose transparent shells might expose so. You doors and ascending steps! You gray stones of interminable pavements! Here is adhesiveness, it is not previously fashion'd, it is. Do you know what it is as you pass to be loved by Do you know the talk of those turning eye-balls? Why are there men and women that while they are nigh. Why when they leave me do my pennants of joy sink.

    Why are there trees I never walk under but large and. I think they hang there winter and summer on those. What with some driver as I ride on the seat by his side? What with some fisherman drawing his seine by the. What gives me to be free to a woman's and man's good-.

    Nature is rude and incomprehensible at first, Be not discouraged, keep on, there are divine things well. I and mine do not convince by arguments, similes,. They too are on the road—they are the swift and majestic.

    Let the paper remain on the desk unwritten, and the. Let the tools remain in the workshop! Let the school stand! Let the preacher preach in his pulpit! On the ferry-boats the hundreds and hundreds that cross,. Nor is it you alone who know what it is to be evil, I am he who knew what it was to be evil,. The cheating look, the frivolous word, the adulterous. River and sunset and scallop-edg'd waves of flood-tide? The sea-gulls oscillating their bodies, the hay-boat in the. What is more subtle than this which ties me to the.

    Which fuses me into you now, and pours my meaning. What the study could not teach—what the preaching. Frolic on, crested and scallop-edg'd waves! Gorgeous clouds of the sunset! Cross from shore to shore, countless crowds of passengers! Stand up, tall masts of Mannahatta! Throb baffled and curious brain! Sound out, voices of young men! Live, old life! Consider, you who peruse me, whether I may not in. Come on, ships from the lower bay! Flaunt away, flags of all nations! Appearances, now or henceforth, indicate what you are, You necessary film, continue to envelop the soul, About my body for me, and your body for you, be hung.

    The words of true poems are the tuft and final applause. O for the dropping of raindrops in a song! O for the sunshine and motion of waves in a song! It is not enough to have this globe or a certain time, I will have thousands of globes and all time. To push with resistless way and speed off in the distance. I join the group of clam-diggers on the flats, I laugh and work with them, I joke at my work like a. I know the buoys, O the sweetness of the Fifth-month morning upon the. O something pernicious and dread!

    Something far away from a puny and pious life! Something unproved! Something escaped from the anchorage and driving free. To behold his calmness—to be warm'd in the rays of his. To go to battle—to hear the bugles play and the drums To hear the crash of artillery—to see the glittering of. To see men fall and die and not complain! To taste the savage taste of blood—to be so devilish! To gloat so over the wounds and deaths of the enemy! There—she blows! Again I spring up the rigging to look with the rest—we descend, wild with excitement,. What attractions are these beyond any before?

    What beauty is this that descends upon me and rises out. Iowan's, Kansian's, Missourian's, Oregonese' joys! To rise at peep of day and pass forth nimbly to work, To plough land in the fall for winter-sown crops, To plough land in the spring for maize, To train orchards, to graft the trees, to gather apples in. Joy of the glad light-beaming day, joy of the wide-. Joy of sweet music, joy of the lighted ball-room and the.

    Joy of the plenteous dinner, strong carouse and drinking? Joys of the solitary walk, the spirit bow'd yet proud, the. The agonistic throes, the ecstasies, joys of the solemn. Joys of the thought of Death, the great spheres Time and. Joys all thine own undying one, joys worthy thee O. To look strife, torture, prison, popular odium, face to. To be a sailor of the world bound for all ports, A ship itself, see indeed these sails I spread to the sun. Long varied train of an emblem, dabs of music, Fingers of the organist skipping staccato over the keys. Or hotels of granite and iron?

    Where are your jibes of being now? Where are your cavils about the soul now? Hindustanee, Served the mound-raiser on the Mississippi, served those. Whom have you slaughter'd lately European headsman? Whose is that blood upon you so wet and sticky? Rivals, traitors, poisoners, disgraced chieftains and the. Lawrence, or north in Kanada, or. Nor yield we mournfully majestic brothers, We who have grandly fill'd our time; With Nature's calm content, with tacit huge delight, We welcome what we wrought for through the past, And leave the field for them. For them predicted long, For a superber race, they too to grandly fill their time, For them we abdicate, in them ourselves ye forest kings!

    In them these skies and airs, these mountain peaks,. Shasta, Nevadas, These huge precipitous cliffs, this amplitude, these valleys,. Time and Space, You hidden national will lying in your abysms, conceal'd. Colorado south, Lands bathed in sweeter, rarer, healthier air, valleys and. For we cannot tarry here, We must march my darlings, we must bear the brunt of. O you youths, Western youths, So impatient, full of action, full of manly pride and. Have the elder races halted? All the past we leave behind, We debouch upon a newer mightier world, varied world, Fresh and strong the world we seize, world of labour.

    We detachments steady throwing, Down the edges, through the passes, up the mountains. We primeval forests felling, We the rivers stemming, vexing we and piercing deep. Colorado men are we, From the peaks gigantic, from the great sierras and the. From Nebraska, from Arkansas, Central inland race are we, from Missouri, with the. O resistless restless race! O beloved race in all! O my breast aches with tender.

    O I mourn and yet exult, I am rapt with love for all,. Raise the mighty mother mistress, Waving high the delicate mistress, over all the starry. See my children, resolute children, By those swarms upon our rear we must never yield or. On and on the compact ranks, With accessions ever waiting, with the places of the. O to die advancing on!

    Are there some of us to droop and die? All the pulses of the world, Falling in they beat for us, with the Western movement. Life's involv'd and varied pageants, All the forms and shows, all the workmen at their work, All the seamen and the landsmen, all the masters with. All the hapless silent lovers, All the prisoners in the prisons, all the righteous and. I too with my soul and body, We, a curious trio, picking, wandering on our way, Through these shores amid the shadows, with the.

    Lo, the darting bowling orb! Lo, the brother orbs around, all the clustering sons and. O you daughters of the West! O you young and elder daughters! O you mothers and. Minstrels latent on the prairies! Shrouded bards of other lands, you may rest, you have. Not for delectations sweet, Not the cushion and the slipper, not the peaceful and. Do the feasters gluttonous feast?

    Do the corpulent sleepers sleep? Still be ours the diet hard, and the blanket on the. Has the night descended? Was the road of late so toilsome? Still with sound of trumpet, Far, far off the daybreak call—hark! They stand forth out of affairs, out of commerce, shops,. Could I wish humanity different? Could I wish the people made of wood and stone?

    Or that there be no justice in destiny or time? And who are you, blabbing by rote, years, pages,. What about these likes of myself that draw me so close. Recalling now the obscure shapes, the echoes, the sounds. What is that little black thing I see there in the white?

    Boundary Supply X-PAC Multicam Errant Pack Overview! With AUX compartment, CB-1 and MK-2

    O troubled reflection in the sea! O throat! O throbbing heart! And I singing uselessly, uselessly all the night. Paumanok, Where they rustle up hoarse and sibilant, Where the fierce old mother endlessly cries for her. The old graveyards of the hills have hurried to see! Cock'd hats of mothy mould—crutches made of mist! Arms in slings—old men leaning on young men's. Does the ague convulse your limbs? President's marshal, If you groan such groans you might balk the government. You have got your revenge, old buster—the crown is. Liberty, let others despair of you—I never despair of.

    Of eyes that vainly crave the light, of the objects mean,. I rendezvous with my poems, A traveler's lodging and breakfast as journey through. For I myself am not one who bestows nothing upon man. These eager business aims—books politics, art, amours, To utter nothingness? O Manhattan, my own, my peerless! O strongest you in the hour of danger, in crisis! O truer. How you sprang—how you threw off the costumes of. Manhattan arming. The blood of the city up—arm'd! Would the talkers be talking?

    Then rattle quicker, heavier drums—you bugles wilder.