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On top of that I walk my 11 year old daughter to school in the morning on a regular basis and spend time with my middle son as he works his way toward Eagle Scout.

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I am enjoying my family more than ever before…. There was a time when I went to a job that literally worked me over. Sometimes it seemed like my bosses just wanted to see how far they could push me before I quit. It was a challenging and painful time and a time when I was forced to make some tough decisions. Some of those decisions lead me to a number of discoveries. I was lucky in some ways. I had a friend recommend a book to me that opened a door…. Changed it 3 times during the year. Had to keep increasing it. Since then I have owned and successfully run three different businesses. All of which I sold and was able to walk away from with a better life.

I feel so blessed by having been given this chance to do this. This was quite a revelation, because I learned while in business to hold these secrets close to the breast so my competitors could not use them against me. In fact many of these secrets are still used today in markets across the country by the national company that I worked with and many other companies that attended my seminar last year. In truth though I had learned a secret that allowed me to create new ideas faster than my competition could keep up with, even when they did figure some of them out.

And now my life is so amazing and so terrific that I have to share it with you…. Last year we gave away secrets that have literally transformed home inspection businesses across the U. You most likely missed that seminar for some reason. We literally handed the secrets that I have used over the past 15 years to grow my home inspection business to well over a million dollars to over a hundred inspectors and it is changing this industry forever.

Now we are ready to do it again and this time take it to the next level. Just like I did. I started to be successful when I started to learn how to get lots and lots of new customers. I nearly went broke using advertising and marketing that all home inspectors use. Until I learned secret marketing techniques that bring in tons of good quality customers. The fact is — being a successful home inspector today has more to do with marketing and advertising than it has to do with a good home inspection. You can fight this — and go broke. I did. For 2 years I fought this.

When I started I really thought that if I was a good home inspector, I would have plenty of customers. So I got my training and my tools. I studied technique. I practiced, studied and practiced some more to become a damn good inspector. I went to all the seminars, got all the training I could — everything. I wanted to be the best inspector I could be. I practiced so much because I honestly believed that if I were the best inspector, everyone would want to use me.

Through all the tons of training I took, no one ever taught me how to get customers. In thick manuals with good technical information, there were about 2 pages of information on how to get new customers. And believe me, I tried everything they suggested in their 2 pages and a million other things. Nothing worked. No one was there to help me. I was on my own. Frankly, I almost got out of this business because I was so broke. I was really close to getting out but then I made an amazing discovery. All along I had been trying new ways to get customers and none of them had worked up until then.

Then something amazing happened. With help from my dad, we discovered a marketing strategy that started to work. Then another.

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I was catching on. After tons of trial and error, I had finally figured out what worked. I knew how to get a constant stream of new customers. I fine tuned it and now it pulls in an average of 4 to 7 new customers a week. Every single week. I created and used many, many more marketing strategies. I fine tuned each one so that each would bring in the maximum number of new customers. It took a lot of time and money, but it was worth it.

Lots of money. Good-bye hard times! They made me an offer and I asked for more, a lot more, and they said yes. The Lord has a sense of humor some days. Not bad for a guy that was dead broke not that long ago. Anybody can do them if you know what they are. And get this. I was determined to succeed and knew failure was not an option but I needed help replacing my , dollar a year job. We once again had our best year ever at , dollars and inspections.

We have 6 employees, a large office and are closed on holidays!!! Thank you MIC for helping gain my life and family back. Not bad in only 4 years. When I starting using emotional direct response marketing, I soon had 3 good jobs a day. What a great feeling. My methods of marketing will blow you away with a flood of new customers every day wanting you to inspect their homes.

Gone will be the days of waiting for the phone to ring and hoping to have a good week. You drive to your new office. You have a tastefully done sign out front.

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Everyone who drives by sees your sign. You see your sparkling clean truck in the lot. It has a new painted sign that everyone can see driving around all day. The first appointment is with Mrs. Her husband is a doctor and she is very nice. The rest of the jobs are just as good. Most of the inspections have add on inspections which adds more money to every job. Several of the jobs are requests for a particular inspector that is doing things the way you trained him.

A big smile comes across your face. Now you have 15 inspectors with jobs like that everyday. Everyone should feel this way at work. I wish there had been someone teaching me these money making strategies when I was starting. Of course all of these strategies work like crazy. My marketing strategies laugh in the face of a bad economy.

There are plenty of people out there that still buy homes even in a bad economy. You just have to know how to get them to use you. When I started using these strategies, my city was in a recession. Big Time. These strategies worked then and they still work.


You have lots of competitors — no problem. For Example: Using these strategies has put more than one of my competitors out of business and others are not doing well. The only difference between them and me was my marketing strategies. I know I did. Then once they start making you money, you can start doing some of the other strategies. Save all that money you would have wasted and instead become a student of emotional direct response marketing.

Some of the strategies will get results immediately. You can start using them today and will see results today. Others will take a week to 10 days and some others will take a few months. Even in spite of that, we still had an increase in number of inspections and revenue. This special seminar will be 3 full days of marketing secrets that will set your mind on fire. If you want to create content that matters to your target audience, then you need to research what they are searching for.

Keyword research can help you understand how your target audience is finding your website and what they want when they arrive. It also helps to understand what your competitors are doing? What keywords are they using? Again, your actual mileage may vary. Once you have created your content, the hard work is only beginning. Whether you format and post to your blog, send out email nurture newsletters, drive traffic via social posts, or even boost the post through paid social media, promotion helps people find your new content.

Content marketing is an iterative process. Your measurement methods depend on the objective of your content marketing efforts. If you are building awareness, then impressions and views are a good place to start. However, conversions are what matters. Regular reports from HubSpot or Pardot plus bigger snapshots from Google Analytics will show how your content is performing. Large organizations spend millions on content marketing while early stage start-ups spend very little. Obviously, the cost of content marketing varies based on the type of content, goals, frequency of content, staffing, promotional budgets and more.

The content budget generally starts with website copy.

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Again, the range for website copywriting can vary tremendously. Blogging is about the same — there is a huge range of price. Expect to pay more if you want your agency to pitch the release to editors and work hard to promote it. What is relevant is the number and quality of leads that move to opportunities and then become customers.

Your content marketing is an investment in awareness, visibility, more visitors and more customers. The better you connect with your audience, the better you optimize for search, the better the return. Every company does some form of outsourcing. Marketing should be approached the same way. You can only go so far re-arranging beans.

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Of course, Iacocca was a renegade his entire career. Since the crash, and now, you see a lot of TV and print ads for gold — gold bullion and gold coins, as well as silver, and numismatics, pitched as reassuringly tangible, hard assets you can hold in your hands, store in your vault. The best of the TV commercials are those starring the actor William Devane. A visionary entrepreneur. And a phenomenal salesman — of his ideas as well as his business. Blanchard influenced me, by the way, in my evolving approach to my business. Specifically, check pages xi and of his book. Would you even know of the company were it not for Warren The Promoter?

Achieving giant size, the need may be relieved. Click the link below and take advantage of the free gift which will make you wealthy--if you control your own life and career! In Every Issue My desire is to always offer you the business and marketing strategies that you will need if you ever wish to reach your maximum potential in the practice of medicine whether you are employed or in private practice.

Click on the image No, it's not the government. What are you willing to do to save your private medical practice? The average medical doctor in the US practices medicine for 12, days and leaves a million dollars on the table during that time. They never are able recognize that it was available to them during all those years because they lack a business education.

This book is unique because no other author has ever written about the primary cause and solution to today's increasing attrition of physicians and the demise of private medical practice. Once the reader becomes exposed to the extreme and relentless series of strategic moves organized and implemented by our government to control healthcare, the reader will understand why all physicians must be provided with an academic business education.

Secondly, the reader will discover the critical importance and practical value of a business education for practicing physicians. Today, most physicians struggle financially while running their medical practice business because of their reliability on their own business ignorance. You probably won't get much benefit from an MBA degree because it's not oriented to medical practice business that demands special knowledge, implementation, and decisions.

The content is meant not only to inspire physicians to gain business knowledge, but also to get a very clear understanding about how fragile their medical career is to present day economic, political, and social threats. The ultimate goal of all medical doctors should be to use their business knowledge as a offensive weapon against predators, both economic and governmental, to survive and grow using the business tools I continue to throw at you.

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It's the only offensive force that physicians have to use to remain in private practice. I truly believe this is the one and only solution for maintaining solo medical practice. This is especially critical to the most popular optioncash only practicefor practicing medicine outside the government healthcare system. Show the world what you are capabable of doing Borderless Humor.

Inspiration Time. What my medical career taught me Click Here Facts And Stats. Thinking of getting an MBA?? Articles and Reports about the quality of business schools are seen more frequently today. An article in the WSJ Aug. This is why I have been repeatedly stated that physicians do not need and MBA, it won't help a physician in private medical practice because the MBA teaches about general business issues unrelated to the medical profession.

Business schools responses After finding weaknesses in business education programs several schools have begun Implementing business prog. Providing undergraduate courses and concepts about business principles and mgmt. Creating of two different business ed. Summer business schools prior to the MBA programs.